Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Touching Desires With Silence

If today would my last day to live,
I wud fulfill all my desires,
A day without any pain, A day with complete bliss,
A Day when I have everyone, and thers's no one to miss,
A day when everyone loves me
A day without any agony,
A day with my loved ones,
A day with siblings and mum,
A day without any Tear
A day without any fear,
A day when I laugh out loud,
A day when I'll happily shout,
A day spend with my best pals,
remembering all those memories left so far,
A day when heart overflowing with love,far away from all hatred and pain around,
A day when again I live my life and feel beautiful things surround,
A day just different from today,
A day full of colours and away from hey,
But,this day is not my last day to live,and so I'am touching desires with silences,
Hopin one day i'll again live, I'll again laugh and become wat I really am....


Kultar said...
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Kultar said...

gud yaar.........i pray for you go ahead and achieve ur goals...may ur all dreams come true......

Mansi said...


neha said...

this was very touching ,nicely written

Shaan said...

Really very touch my heart.... i always think kash mei app jaisey lik sakta

Mansi said...