Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December- used to be!

I miss those winter nights that used to bring solace...when cuddled up in my quilt I used to feel the warmth of being at 'home'...when friendships were real...when people were true....when there was no rush...rush to meet win the rat race...when december was vacation with good food and being with cousins...when I could sleep for hours without the anxiety of going anywhere. When nights meant books and chocolate milk...when 'gajar ka halwa' was the best dessert.

It is strange how with each passing moment we are getting away from our real self...turning just into mere faces in the crowd. It scares me at times...thinking of tomorrows...of the end....

I wish....if I could only turn back time!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Get a lyf ;)

It’s been quite a while since I have written anything…or have read anything good for that matter. Life has been such a roller coaster all these days. Or rather, this second half of the year. This year passed in a blink of an eye.

Coming back to today…when I took an off from work to relax myself and to sleep all day long…I had lil small chats with some people here and there (yes..I have been quite busy to talk to anyone for sometime..even my family). And my god! What a waste. I mean what the hell people. I don’t understand how people get so much of time to judge or comment or say anything about anybody’s life, when they have no idea about yours. I mean these people are already so much fucked up…and all they could do is gossip or comment about anything and everything you do.

What my point is…me drinking…or smoking…or roaming around or doing anything with anyone is none of their concern. I do not go to people and ask with whom they slept last night or went for ‘pre-honeymoon’ or put up a pic on watsapp or facebook with? I have been so much busy that I didn’t realize that people are actually ‘discussing’ me and my life when they have no idea what’s actually I am upto. Ok, I may not be in the happiest of state but I am good with whatever and whoever I am with. I do whatever I want and I do it with dignity and respect. I earn and I am mature enough to know what and when to do. I can and will go anywhere…with whom-so-ever I want to and will do as many check-ins too. That’s none of your business. And if you have any problem…then baby you always have the option to ‘unfriend’ me.  Feel free.

And so…shut the fuck up and live your life. If you do not have anything to do then go and join some NGO and do something good for the society. Don’t claim you don’t have time for anything but you end up discussing and bitching about me. I am anyways going to do whatever I want to.