Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ok…I have been awarded. Though I have been awarded before also, but this is the first time the award has come from a fellow blogger Soumya. Now, I could not start my post without mentioning something about her. I came to know her through this vast world of blogging…added each other in FB profiles. We haven’t talked or chat ever but there is a strange connection we both follow. As she said she connects with my posts…I would utter the exact words. Whenever she writes…no matter I comment or not…I make sure to read all her posts. She is one of those few people I know who can write exactly what they feel….giving a damn to what the world would think about her. And yes…how can I forget the song selections…Man! Let me tell you…we both have exact same taste in music!

Coming back to the things I am suppose to do:
1. Write a post displaying the award.
2. Write three good things about blogging.
3. Write three bad things about blogging.
4. Pass on this award to three new bloggers.

First thing has already been done!

Second, three good things about blogging:
1. Blogging has become my own little world now. This place is my best friend today. I can vent anything and everything out here. It never questions back. This place is my stress buster today.
2. I came to know some really wonderful people here. I came to know I am not the only one thinking the way I do. ..there are lot many people with whom I can relate so well that it seems like they are writing my words!
3. I feel so contented being here. It makes me feel refreshed and relaxed!

Third, Three bad things:
1. Anyone and everyone can read your life!
2. People start making perceptions about you without even knowing you. They don’t understand that what you write here is just a part of your life and not your complete life.
3.It makes me realize that how stupid can I go sometimes. Though I hardly re-read my posts , but whenever I do..I feel like..”Shit! I wrote that?? “

And now, last but not the least, passing on this award to three fellow bloggers:
Though I love each and every blog I follow….three is just a constraint:

1. Wildflower, Eva…the blogger I love totally. Her posts take me to another world. She is not only a fantastic writer but an awesome storyteller. I don’t know whether she’ll revert or not as she hardly writes these days…but she tops the list of my favourite blogger.
2. OutOfBlue, owns by Ashish. He is a blogger who writes without shackles. He not only writes about life or love…but on social topics too. A recent blogger but a prolific writer!
3. Transcripts. The first ever blogger I interact with and the first ever blog I read and became a follower of. His writing is real, crazy and true. He doesn’t crave for attention and ask for followers or comments. An awesome writer and an amazing photographer!

Phewhh…..Finally done with the task. Writing this between such a hectic schedule was quite a job…but couldn’t stop myself. Now the tagged bloggers are suppose to do this the same four things I just completed!

And yeah…this blog recently won one more award “Directory of best Indian blogs”

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Talking Psychology!

I always wanted to learn psychology. But being a commerce student never got a chance to learn the same. After coming here I came to know we have psychology as a subject. Not to mention, I was happy and excited to finally know something about the subject I always wanted to learn. It’s not that I want to be a psychologist or something…but this term psychology always excites me in a strange way. I was expecting some aged lady to teach us this subject….but to my surprise when I entered the class I saw a young girl…somewhat around 24-25 years of age, standing at the podium. Not believing my eyes I still confirmed from other people …and yes, she was to teach us this subject.

She started off with her introduction and then the class started. She raised some very bold topics in the class , but her confidence and the way she took those topics up….she amazed me by her ability to discuss most complicated or what we say the “BOLD” topics so easily.

But something very strange happened…few things which she said…few questions she asked…few topics she raised….really disturbed me from the core. Talking about dreams…the id, ego and superego….the inner guilt, Oedipus and Electra complex, split personality…all little things which happen inside us all the time…without even our consciousness.

Are we human being really this complex? Can our inner desires be really so weird and bizarre? Do our thought process; the way we are today is because of the things we saw in the first five years of our life? Can those five years really make such a strong impact on our lives?

I don’t know about others, but her lectures are effecting me in a strange of way! Maybe I’ll be able to know myself better after this! Or maybe I'll be lost in her theories of psychology!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Welcome Me- Oh new place!

More than half month…and I haven’t written a single line…a single word. Time..when I thought I would be writing pages after pages…not a single word came out…I won’t say I was out of words…It’s just that so many things are happening around that I could not find a single second to stop, breathe and think what am I upto? Where am I heading towards? I left my city…my friends…my little world…came into a totally unknown city..with little expectations and lots of small little dreams in my eyes.

But sometimes you have to pay for your dreams…days here are not easy…Things sometimes get pathetically ugly….but this is what I chose…And here I am…away from family, friends…walking on a path unknown…so many things on stake..still a little hope deep within heart that things will get fine. Yes..I do feel alone sometime…alone cause I want to share things with someone. I remember when I was about to leave Agra, someone said ‘Go and make new friends’…and I replied ‘I am not going there to make friends’. Yes, I am not here to make friends..and I know I just can’t. But I am definitely looking forward to meet some wonderful people here…to learn new things…to explore more in this world…to get out of my cocoon and face the Real world.

I hope things settle down soon and this place accepts me with open arms.