Monday, November 11, 2013

November Love!

I love November. The way I feel the cool breeze crossing my body…through my soul. I love the warmth of hot cup of coffee cuddled between my palms. The cozy feeling, when I get inside my quilt. I love taking long walks in November. As if I am leaving all the yesterdays and yester-years far behind.

I love the silence that November nights bring. As if everything in this world ceases to matter. And it’s only me all around.

I love the equilibrium of this season. Neither too cold…nor too hot. Just perfect. The way life should be. Balanced. The way everything should be. Perfect blend of happy-sad moments…Of tears and smiles…of love and heartbreak..of bliss and pain.

I love watching lovers all cuddled up…sharing whispers…walking hand in hand…taking long drives in November evenings. The romance and love seems to be manifold under the pink winters.

Oh….I wish I could write lines after lines for this month. For my love….November Love!