Monday, March 29, 2010

Just Friends :-)

How easy it was for you to talk with everyone else like the way u talked once with me. How easily you slipped from my life to all others. Expectations is the thing which has no place in our relation and I know that. I know things are clear between us and we are best of friends..but then why you make me smile everytym I cry? Why cant you let me say goodbye? Why I found you standing by my side when I am all alone.? Why you call again after I hung up the phone? Why you are that close to me today? Why my smile is contingent on your existence? Why you care for me like the way you do? Am I that really important to you...or you just imitate?
I like the way you smile at me when I am angry..I like the way you amuse me whenever I feel down. I may sound insane to the people known or unknown to us. Neither do I care what they think about me and you. The only thing I want to know is that I want to freeze all these moments today, so that years later I can rewind them and smile on the stupid things we did.For all those times we'v made us feel like we were the best ones around, knowing very well that it isn't true, all I can do is capture a million photographs and make them reside in my heart forever.

I want you to know that no matter what the world think of are special to me and will always remain so.Years later we may be waikin in different lane...but I promise this road will always remain the special one.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

He and She (II)

Next Meet (First Day of college)

She sitting with her friend Tanya and Parul.

She: Who is he? Seems to be so intelligent haan. Giving so many answers.
Tanya: Yeah...seems to be a professional. Anyways.....We are no way less then him.
Parul: Leave ya...Look at him. Hez so cute. A perfect TDH.
She: TDH?
Parul: Yeah...TDH...dont you know....Tall Dark Handsome..(giggled).

Day next:

Professor: Ok students...lets talk about your aspirations. What you want to be? Your career plans...etcetera and etceteras.
Parul : Bas...yahi sunne reh gaya sit in this boring lecture and pako I told you na bunk marte hain. You people
never listen to me.
Tanya : Stop over-reacting. This is a part of our curriculum.
She: ohhooo.......stop both of ya. Lets listen na wat all our great batchmates wants to be. Who kws future Tata Birla's are here sitting with
After few hit and shoots
Parul: See...I told you people...same old typical answers. I want to be a software engineer. I want to be a Database Administrator. As if
all Bill gates are sitting with us...huhhh.
She: Chill na...this is wat they want to common offcourse.......hehe
"I want to be a hacker........a black hat hacker"
She, Tanya and Parul turn around. It was him.
She: hmmmm.......Not bad..I am impressed.
Parul : See I told you na...He is different ya.Lets talk to him na. He seemes to be a decent guy.
Tanya: Are you mad? I am not at all going to do that. Look at him. Damn full of attitude. Cant he come and talk to us?
Parul: are so stubburn ya.....neways I'll go with her...wat say?
She: HeHe......rehne de na.....y r u gettin so obsessed for him? lolz

And things went on in the same way for months........till one day when Mars and Venus collides...........

Friday, March 26, 2010

He And She (I)

Day 1:
He saw her first time during counselling. It was raining heavily. She was with her dad and cousin and as usual was firing all her doubt to the councellor sitting in front of her( poor she)....and He was sitting silently...watching every action of her..listening every senseless doubt shez having. The first time He saw her he knew shez the one. She talked (or better say ate her brain) for about an hour....choosing between Software track and Managment track was a big question for her. She made her choice and and now it was his turn and then they crossed each other.....


She was cheerful, always smilling, perky and full of life.Her life has nothing to crip over. She was contended, satisfied with what all she had. This world was new to her as it was the first time she was getting out of her cocoon and facing the real world. She was excited but afraid at the same time. Their were new colours and dreams all around her. She wants to grab all of them in her arms and like a peacock in first rain. She was happy.....full of bliss and lots of enthusiasm.She used to talk with everyone...laugh with one and all.....Her smile had a charismatic effect which made others to get attracted towards her.Within few days.......she made a special place in everyone's life like always.


He was mature, reasonable and sensible. Knowns how to deal with life and its difficulties. He has faced the ups and downs of life. He was strong and rational.Talk less but sense. His friend circle was limited with the people he feel comfortable with. A subtle manner to deal with excitement and dejections. He was a MAN with a motive, a promise to himself..and commitment towards his aspirations.

And then the story begins.............

Sunday, March 21, 2010

If derz one thing I believe is that I will see you some where down the road again. Yes...I dunn know why I feel this, neither its like I want to meet you or smethin ..but I just feel that we will meet again...someday...sometime...someplace.
May be you'll not recognize me then, may be u'll deny the fact dat smeday we were together...may be i'll smile at you and u dont smile me back....maybe.......
But what if smeday we cross the crowded street and not be able to see each other...will you be able to feel me then like the way u always do? will u be able to sense my existence around ? Will you search for my being in the crowd? will my essence be able to bring u close to me again?
will your eyes feel happy to see me again? or you will cross me like a stranger in the mass, making me feel an insane?

But Wateva it will....However it will....the only thing I blv is that I will see you smewhr down the road again.....may be in a frozen street...may be in a running train...may be in a place unknown....may be in a known lane.............................................

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wat to do wen feelin frustated... (read at your own risk...consequences will not be compensated)

Here is the list of things which you shud do whenever u feel irritated or frustated:

> Listen slow music
> Forgive
> Meditate
> Try to be happy
> Read books

Blah bLaH BLAH BlAh........

Dont do anything stated above...its all bullshit may be suggested by many already frustated people.....

Here are the things which you shud actually do:

> Read as much NV sms as u can (only if u kw wat i
> Abuse someone who annoys u d most
> Listen Hard Rock Music
> and run
> Take your bike and go for a drive
> Drink........(water offcourse)
> Update your Orkut/FB status with the most sarcastic statement possible
> Delete all idiots from your profile
> Dont shop...u may regret it later :-)
> A roller coaster ride cud also help
> Wash all your dirty clothes
> Clean your room (this cud actually help...not u bt others residing with u)
> Write crap, talk crap and do crap things
> Recall the name of all books u have read till date
> Play Summer of 69 and act like a ROCK STAR
> Go to your mom and say "Main FA ko FA bolta hu......."
> Cut your old Pajamans into bermudas
> Paint your old plain T into bizzare symbols
> Stand in front of mirror and try to make 100 different faces in one minute
> Call your frnd and say
" Jackie Chan ki saas ka naam kya Hai?...........

.........Soch, soch. Nahi pata?

Abe D'Cold; Because... Chan ki saans - D'Cold
Chal AB bata, Jackie Chan ki bahu ka Naam Kya hai? ..........

This one's really simple...

Abe D'Cold again... Kyunki saans bhi kabhi bahu Thi:-)

> And the easiest wat around is.....
"Go and Sleep........."

PS: You cud add some more ways ........only if they are not intended with Permutations and Combinations... :-)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

And its you again!!!!!!!!

See wat u did again? why u do this again n again..wat pleasure does it give to u hurting me every now and then? Cant u see me normal? I feel scared of dreams now..i dunn want to actually brings d hell outa me...nights..which were my best i dunn even want them to come. Reason being...U..yes its U and only u. I want to hate u sometym...hate dat no substance cud dissolve....I wish I cud just erase the part of my soul in which u den I hv to erase my soul completely....u live in every part of my being...every portion.....why dont u jst let me go....let me go from your memories. Everytime I close my eyes I see you...U and me...together..laughing...walking...holding hands..lookin into each other eyes. I cud feel that intensity into your eyes....that love overflowing from it real? Are these feeling genuine? or they too are fake like you? like your your the dreams we saw together?
You know what..I dont see dreams anymore.....they scared me...I dunn seems to be so fake....I cant fake my heart now...Coz It knows the truth..It know wat had happened....wen everytime I ask him to b ask for reasons.....reasons which I cant give..,.reasons which u cant give. U kw how my heart is...dont u? I hate to love the time when we were together...your voice echoes into my ears...your rotate in front of my eyes every second. ....M tired....I want to shut my eyes...close my ears and till I reach a place unknown....a place so strange that even I fnd it difficult to know myself.

Phewhh......yeah..I do miss you.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Wandering Thoughts II......TIME

A life so numb....a heart without beats...a brain widout thoughts....a face widout smile...I am so in a state of startled....Life is just running as it is meant to be, but I cud not feel a single movement in my being.
People says everything in this world is preplanned...every single thing...the death, the birth, love, failure, smile, tear...everything.And all these thing happens for a reason...a reason which we may not understand at this point of time....but which will be justified the right time...yeah....RIGHT TIME....a time when things are meant to happen...a time right for that moment to occur. Their are no good or bad times...the only thing which exist is the "Right Time". We may give ample of reasons for the things not going our way...but the truth lies in the fact that things will never go 'our way'...they happen wen they are planned to happen. We may crip for number of things...we may say that we deserve more than what we actually have today...but the fact why we are still away from that thing is that we have not reach at that point of Perfection yet... the point at which we become flawless for it....Once we reach that point...nobody on this earth could stop that moment to take place. But on the contrary, we try to influence things...we cry, we try, we complain of the things which are not in our control...It's an attempt in vain.

Accept things in life as they come. Dez no use of fighting with it. Everything happens for a reason....A reason u'll come to know wen the time comes...and derz always a time for event to happen!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

What is it that seems to be a triffle part of life but still has become an unseperable one? What is it that is der but still is missing? What is it that has satisfy the thirst but still has arouse more desire ? Their are certain things in life which we want to exist the way they are but dont want to citate them, their exist relations which we dont want to change..still expect smethin more from them, their exist some sins we want to commit again but dont want remember them.

I smetym wants to live number of lives in one moment, cherish ample of memories together, feel all the pain at one tym, experience all the emotions communally, drop all the tears at one tym.....Life would be better if der'll be a new thing every moment..a new life, a new memory, a new emotion, a new reason to cry, a new reason to smile.....As Lyf has been overused to live the same moments again and again....same reasons to cry....same justification to feel blissful....same sins to make you feel guilty......Life is moving in circles...whereas I need a staight track to run Life's trunk....where derz is only a way too move forward...and no back gear to return...........................