Monday, March 29, 2010

Just Friends :-)

How easy it was for you to talk with everyone else like the way u talked once with me. How easily you slipped from my life to all others. Expectations is the thing which has no place in our relation and I know that. I know things are clear between us and we are best of friends..but then why you make me smile everytym I cry? Why cant you let me say goodbye? Why I found you standing by my side when I am all alone.? Why you call again after I hung up the phone? Why you are that close to me today? Why my smile is contingent on your existence? Why you care for me like the way you do? Am I that really important to you...or you just imitate?
I like the way you smile at me when I am angry..I like the way you amuse me whenever I feel down. I may sound insane to the people known or unknown to us. Neither do I care what they think about me and you. The only thing I want to know is that I want to freeze all these moments today, so that years later I can rewind them and smile on the stupid things we did.For all those times we'v made us feel like we were the best ones around, knowing very well that it isn't true, all I can do is capture a million photographs and make them reside in my heart forever.

I want you to know that no matter what the world think of are special to me and will always remain so.Years later we may be waikin in different lane...but I promise this road will always remain the special one.


funkyrave said...

Hmm the best comment I can think of is 'speechless'! and may hands of 'destiny' keep u both on the same path! btw, I believe u know answers of all the unanswered questions!
Keep posting
Cheerio :)

Mansi said...

thnx..yeah some questions remain good when they remain unanswered!!!