Saturday, March 27, 2010

He and She (II)

Next Meet (First Day of college)

She sitting with her friend Tanya and Parul.

She: Who is he? Seems to be so intelligent haan. Giving so many answers.
Tanya: Yeah...seems to be a professional. Anyways.....We are no way less then him.
Parul: Leave ya...Look at him. Hez so cute. A perfect TDH.
She: TDH?
Parul: Yeah...TDH...dont you know....Tall Dark Handsome..(giggled).

Day next:

Professor: Ok students...lets talk about your aspirations. What you want to be? Your career plans...etcetera and etceteras.
Parul : Bas...yahi sunne reh gaya sit in this boring lecture and pako I told you na bunk marte hain. You people
never listen to me.
Tanya : Stop over-reacting. This is a part of our curriculum.
She: ohhooo.......stop both of ya. Lets listen na wat all our great batchmates wants to be. Who kws future Tata Birla's are here sitting with
After few hit and shoots
Parul: See...I told you people...same old typical answers. I want to be a software engineer. I want to be a Database Administrator. As if
all Bill gates are sitting with us...huhhh.
She: Chill na...this is wat they want to common offcourse.......hehe
"I want to be a hacker........a black hat hacker"
She, Tanya and Parul turn around. It was him.
She: hmmmm.......Not bad..I am impressed.
Parul : See I told you na...He is different ya.Lets talk to him na. He seemes to be a decent guy.
Tanya: Are you mad? I am not at all going to do that. Look at him. Damn full of attitude. Cant he come and talk to us?
Parul: are so stubburn ya.....neways I'll go with her...wat say?
She: HeHe......rehne de na.....y r u gettin so obsessed for him? lolz

And things went on in the same way for months........till one day when Mars and Venus collides...........


Abhinav said...

Nice 1 :)

funkyrave said...

wow! black hat hacker.. Finally in my final year I got d answer which impresses girls. (At least 3 here..) thanks a tonne..
On serious note.. grt written.. it actually looks like the conversation is fresh in your memory.
Waiting for the next..
cheerio :)

Mansi said...

lol....thnx ya.."HE" knws hw to drag grls' attention without even talkin to dem.:-)