Saturday, March 6, 2010

What is it that seems to be a triffle part of life but still has become an unseperable one? What is it that is der but still is missing? What is it that has satisfy the thirst but still has arouse more desire ? Their are certain things in life which we want to exist the way they are but dont want to citate them, their exist relations which we dont want to change..still expect smethin more from them, their exist some sins we want to commit again but dont want remember them.

I smetym wants to live number of lives in one moment, cherish ample of memories together, feel all the pain at one tym, experience all the emotions communally, drop all the tears at one tym.....Life would be better if der'll be a new thing every moment..a new life, a new memory, a new emotion, a new reason to cry, a new reason to smile.....As Lyf has been overused to live the same moments again and again....same reasons to cry....same justification to feel blissful....same sins to make you feel guilty......Life is moving in circles...whereas I need a staight track to run Life's trunk....where derz is only a way too move forward...and no back gear to return...........................

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