Saturday, October 17, 2009

Love- Passion and Regrets!!!!

Once upon a time, there was a bird. He was adorned with two perfect wings and with glossy, colorful, marvelous feathers. In short, he was a creature made to fly about freely in the sky, bringing joy to everyone who saw him.
One day, a woman saw this bird and fell in love with him. She watched his flight, her mouth wide in amazement, her heart pounding, her eyes shining with excitement. She invited the bird to fly with her, and the two travelled across the sky in perfect harmony. She admired and venerated and celebrated that bird.
But then she thought: He might want to visit far off mountains! And she was afraid, afraid that she would never feel the same way about any other bird. And she felt empty, envy for the bird’s ability to fly.
She felt alone.
And she thought: ‘I am going to set a trap. The next time the bird appears, he will never leave again.’
The bird, who was also in love, returned the following day, fell into the trap and was put in a cage.
She looked at the bird every day. There he was, the object of her passion, and she showed him to her friends, who said: ‘Now you have everything you could possibly want.’ However a strange transformation began to take place: now she had the bird and no longer needed to woo him, she began to lose interest. The bird, unable to fly and express the true meaning of his life, began to waste away and his feathers to lose their gloss; he grew ugly; and the woman no longer paid him any attention, except by feeding him and cleaning out his cage.
One day the bird died. The woman felt terribly sad and spent all her time thinking about him. But she did not remember the cage, she thought only of the day when she had seen him for the first time, flying contentedly amongst the clouds.
If she had looked more deeply into herself, she would have realized that what had thrilled her about the bird was his freedom, the energy of his wings in motion, not the physical body.
Without the bird, her life too lost all meaning, and Death came knocking at her door.’ Why have you come?’ She asked death. ‘So that you can fly once more with him across the sky.’ Death replied. ‘If you had allowed him to come and go, you would have loved and admired him even more; alas; you now need me in order to find him again’.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

May be I'am Addicted!!

"Wake up Mansi...its already 12......" my mom shouted
"Let it be mom......who cares........its Sunday" n i again took my pillow on my face n slept. "Is it raining mom?" I asked
"Yes ... i just hate this rain really add on my much mess it create all around"..she grumbled.
I jumped from my bed and went to balcony....god..its beautiful......I just loveeeeeee rain( i dunn think anyone in this world hate rains...except for my mom!!)....well this is october rain after all......rarely we gt a chance to feel rain in this month. I took up my coffee mug and put my i-pod, music and rain...deadly combo.....sunday could not be better then dis.
"If I close my eyes forever, wud it ease the pain could i breath again"........Enrique...awesome lyrics!!!
I watched Agra fort from there(my balcony is famous for its Fort view)...I always adore its beauty..Dunn kw why ppl lyk Taj more then Fort....though I dunn have any special interest in these historical monuments.....still Fort plays a very special role in my life. I could sit here for hours and watch fort without blinking my eyes. And wen it rains..nothing could match the beauty of Fort.
Rain always brings one thing ....Memories.....As the drops of rain fell on my face,it takes me to a trance state...a state where I could only feel bliss and happiness all around. I could feel love..a zeal to live and an enthu to be happy always....It brings a message that no matter how worst the situation is going to be will heal all the pain and vanish all the regrets and agony inside.
"Maybe I'm addicted, I'm out of control, but you're the drug that keeps me from dying.
Maybe I'm a liar, but all I really know is you're the only reason I'm trying. "
Music and memories are like drugs....and I am a big tym addicted of it......neither could I live widout music..nor widout memories..after all these are the only things which are mine...It is always the best thing to hold on memories(for me offcourse) no matter how near or far that person is..memories are yours and no one could snatch them from you.
Well....See I was writting about rain and I wrote about memories and u cud feel how addicted I am...:-)
Neways, the best lines to merge all these things are here:

"Rain drops falling in my head,
and never knowing when it will end.
Should I run for cover,
or let another rain drop fall in my head again?
I would love to dance in the rain,
and knowing somehow it’ll help erase the pain.
Sometimes when I’m all alone,
and I see rain drops are falling outside again.
There’s happiness that I feel "

Friday, October 2, 2009

A meet with a stranger(Facts are stranger than fiction)

"Love needs no commitment, its all bullshit....if u love sumone, y u need a certificate of being committed?"
said my frnd ..
Big tym defender she is of "so called singles".
"No, love do need commitment. It gives u an assurance that both persons are answerable to their deeds. I mean if

you love each other wats the matter in committing the same." said another one. Now this grl is jst opposite of naina(the former one).
"Cut if off guys. There are still loads of topics to discuss. Pls. " that was me. Damn I really hate this discussion.
" Why dunn you ppl live your life in your own way? Why u need to discuss things in which you kw ,no conclusion is going to come up? This is not the first tym u ppl are discussing this topic. Why dunn you ppl jst shut up and let me drink this coffee in peace?"
But these girls ...they are jst too much.
"Some stories are by default incomplete".....uttered one guy sittin behind me.....I turned. A guy...
...mst be a nerd! Why is he poking his nose in our matter. I thought.
"Can I sit here ma'am?" He asked.
"Yeah sure, why not?" said naina
Typical girl....Why she allowed him to sit with us..I thought and stared naina with anger. She understood my expression. But it was too late, By that tym that guy has already joined our seat.
"Hi..I am Sambhav" he said .
"Hi.. m Naina, she is anu and she is .........."
"Mansi" He smiled.
"how do you kw?"
"Well...sry bt I was listening to your discussion. And I came to kw your name then only"
"Well.....good for you" I said. Actually I was gettin irritated with that guy. Why the hell on earth is he interested in our talks?
"Where r u from Sambhav? And what are you doing?" anu
"I am doing MBA from Symbiosis. Basically M from Pune. Came here with my frnds for a Taj Trip"
"Great...Symbiosis" naina
"Sambhav you were saying something. 'Some stories are......' "
"By default incomplete...yeah...Actually I was listening to wat u ppl were discussing, offcourse except Miss Mansi(smiled)......."
"You already have told us that" I said
"But why are you saying that Sambhav? I mean any experience?...sry if m gettin personal...Bt still..this line has something!!!!"
God, Naina n serious about this is too much.......i thought
"hmmm........Veronica decides to die......Nice u read novels?" He saw the novel lying on the table.
"Yeah....only wen i gt tym...n dis was read long back....." I replied
"So Sambhav , tell us wat u think about commitments and love"
"Well .. if u ask me about love and committment, then I have only one thing to say...u really cant change your destiny. Its all matter how much u fight or ask for the person in ur prayers n all...if hez their in your destiny he will come to you without any extra efforts..and if not then you are jst playing with your emotions and your life by asking for number of committments from that person. See, the thing is that number of couples promises each other to live and die together, to get married, to give up everything for their partner...but how many are actually able to fulfill all their commitments and promises?...So, If u ask me...i wud sat that do fall in love but dont commit sumthing which u r nt sure of...make that thing clear with your partner. Love is a beautiful feeling....and I think its the best thing a person can do for fall in love.Its just a matter of click....jst be honest in your relation and be loyal with your partner...thats all is needed!!"
"This guy is nt that bad ya...i mean he talk sense"......this was my mind.
"hmmm...interesting...seems u kw a lot about love n relationships!!!"..I said
"Thnk god u said something.....(smiled)..kidding....well yes u can say ...not "lot" but yes watever i have experienced till now is all that i said "
"Hello....yes I am coming in ten minutes....Ok girls...I'll take your leave now...have to rush... it was lovely speaking with you all" He said
"The feeling is mutual...."I replied
"Pleasure mam.......And one thing for u....dunn think much...jst do wat your heart says....n dont keep any always hurts...goodbye" and he left.
While coming back I was only thinkin about wat he said...How easily he answered almost half of my questions(still not all.....not even God Brahma can solve all my queries)...So true he was...If someone is yours he will be your any how...and if hez not written in your power in this world can make him yours. Jst leave this thing on destiny and do wat your heart says. Even I have seen my frnds, fall in love and be in a relation for more then 5 yrs...and finally they end up so badly that today they cant even see each others face.....Fall in love, experience all excitement and butterflies but at the same tym ask your heart no keep itself prepare for the never know what will happen tomorrow....
Its like accounting rule...."Consider all the prospective losses and ignore all the prospective gains" the same way expect the best and be prepare for the worst!!!!!!!

(A poem is never finished; it's always an accident that puts a stop to it—that is to say, gives it to the public.)