Thursday, July 12, 2012


There is this phase in your life when all you could see around is a complete silence. Where you see that even the most important thing of your life is lying in front of your eyes and you could do nothing but to look at it and realize that its time in your life is complete. Where you are entitled as just ‘an option’ when you were labeled as priority once. You realize that promises, faith, trust, forever are just other words to complete sentences and mean nothing. When you look at yourself in the mirror, you laugh at the one standing in front of you coz s/he has made such a fool of himself/herself all these years. There comes a time when you realize that sometimes distances are actually beautiful and closeness would show the ugly picture behind the beauty. A time when you actually feel what ‘numbness’ means and how things change within fraction of seconds. Surprised? Shocked? No, you feel nothing but a strange silence and even tears fail to flow this time. You realize that you have reached a stage where life seems to make no meaning. When the efforts you put on to make something happen just proved to be worthless coz someone else is enjoying its luxury. The garden you sowed with so much of love and trust, the fragrance of the grown flowers is enjoyed by someone else. Strange it is….this world! Sometimes it makes you complete in loneliness and sometimes loneliness eats you up in the crowd of known strangers!