Tuesday, October 18, 2011

STILL...should I stand!

It is not about you anymore, for you today are just like a distant memory….getting fade by every passing moment. It’s not about the piles of work I cover myself with and end up doing nothing. Many phases have passed. Have experienced extremes of insomnia, numbness, insanity, tears, pain, and agony.’s a different story. So different that when I look myself up into the eyes refuses to recognize my own face. They see a different me. ..a stranger caged in a known body. Things are quite the way I wanted…except of few undesirable forgotten…forbidden desires…few unfulfilled and could-never-be-fulfilled dreams. The Id seems to overshadow superego sometimes. The traces of stubborn, mad , crazy scorpion girl becomes visible. Relationships sucks for now…love stories sounds like crap..lovey-dovey talks of people new into relation seems like a joke in itself. What dominates is a strange drive towards a risky way. Not love for sure..but a strange madness and obsession for something. Something or maybe someone even I am not sure of. It’s frustrating sometimes but still I enjoy being here…in this phase. Can’t walk forward and do not want to go back. Still should I stand here!Still.

Friday, October 14, 2011


Few moments…few looks…few smiles….they just take your breath away. And when the moment passes…even a single thought of that moment could make your heart missed a beat. The moment you have been waiting for so long…have imagined it thousand times and when it passes so quickly that even you couldn’t realize it has passed. How a simple word from someone can change your mood completely. It is not always about love….it never is about love now. This time..this phase…this life….it is good. Real good. If freezing moments were possible…I would have filled my whole space with them. A little understanding and trust is all you need. Make your heart realize the value of your brain and vise-versa. They are big time enemies..let me tell you. Two different poles..never ever agreeing on single thing. It’s pathetic when you have so much to write and couldn’t find the right words. Or maybe you are way too excited or conscious on what exactly to write. Did you get what I mean? I doubt!