Monday, September 28, 2015

Coz her heart is the foundation of your healthy home!

I was in my MBA 1st year. My father used to call me every night, even if there is nothing important to talk about. I was having my midterms exam and one night, I did not receive any call from him. I thought he might have skipped due to my exams. He would call next day.

Whole day went by but I did not receive his call the next day as well. I was too busy with my preps that I thought he would call. When even by 10 p.m that day I did not get his call, I called him. My mom picked up. She was not her usual self. After much investigation, I found out my father got a major heart attack. His cholesterol level was too high and there were other complications too. He was transferred to the one of the best hospital in Gurgaon where his open heart surgery took place.

Those 21 days were the worst days of my life. I still could not forget his pain. Later on, my mother reports too started showing high level of cholesterol. Due to all this oily food, there was a lot of increment in her weight and thus, increasing the level of cholesterol.

My dad after his heart attack took it really serious and stopped consuming any oily food. Even his normal food was now cooked in #Saffola. He started his morning walk and exercise giving it a total of 60 mins from his day. Remembering his pain and the increased level of cholesterol in mom’s report, he took the responsibility to take precaution rather than cure. My mother is little lazy when it comes to any form of workout. Even walk. My dad took the pledge to #ProtectHerHeart and did all he could.

He made it a point to wake mom up. He would not leave until unless mom is up from the bed. By the time mom put her shoes on, he take jug of water and they both gulp them down. And then they hit the road. Dad, since was walking from quite sometime now, has developed the stamina. Nevertheless, he would stop whenever he feels mom is tired, take a halt and then start walking again. He started from 20 mins ..exceeding 2 mins every week. Now both mom and dad walk min of 30 mins daily..sometimes exceeding 60 mins. His dedication and mom’s commitment did tremendous task and now both of their cholesterol level is in control. Plus they are fit (more than me)

This junk food and almost every day eating out is takin a toll on me too. My weight has increased quite in last few month, and he also has put on weight. Looking at my Mom-Dad combo, we both too have decided to walk-run-walk every morning. Since he live quite far from my place, we have decided to call each other (whoever wakes up early) in morning for motivation (Me being a non-morning person). And then we would walk-run-walk for 30 mins. Plus we will also talk a 15 mins walk after dinner every day. I hope this will protect both of our hearts! Coz good health is the ultimate asset.

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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Design your dreams...Design your HOME!

Getting married to someone you are in love with is like a dream coming true. And planning your house is like living a fairytale. Fortunately, I am living this fairytale these days. All the excitement from choosing the color of your curtains, to furniture ..from designing your bedroom to coloring your home gets the adrenaline rush in me. But being an obsessive perfectionist I am..i need my things to be near perfection.

Me and my fiancé are both working and we do not get much time to explore things. We only have weekends where we have to decide which thing to take up first. I, again being me, do not want to compromise when it comes to designing my dream home. Amidst all these running from furniture shops to showrooms displaying thousands of curtains and cushions, the only thing running inside my mind was to choose the color of our bedroom. I want it to be a reflection of my personality and show the sophistication (which I am a fan off) at the same time.

Dearth of leaves and the overflowing work was not giving us anytime to look for color and theme of my bedroom which was there in the back of my mind since long. One day when I was browsing for some dress, I came across the app by Bedbathmore named as #PaintFinder

I was so excited to see the complete theme based color scheme. You just choose the color of our choice and boom!!! You actually could take a virtual view of how your room would look like. I just loved loved the concept.

It is just so easy to use and you can view your future house/room without even putting an iota of color. This came as such a relief for me as there would be no chances of error since I know exactly how my dream would look like.

The anxiety in me took a back seat as soon as I came across this app of #PaintFinder. I chose the color, chose the room (which has everything from your living room, bedroom to bathroom) and then order the shade card!

I always wanted my room to be bright yet not gaudy at the same time. And hence mauve or shade of light purple has always been my choice. Thanks to #PaintFinder, I was able to find exactly what I was looking for. This color is bright and subtle at the same time. Gosh! I am so relieved.

My fiancĂ© is happy…to be in laws are happy and I am super duper happy. What else do I need? Atleast one of the major problem is solved! Phewhh!!!

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Life as I see it! - I

They say learning never ends. Some say that smarter are the people who learn from other’s mistakes. I find these two statements contradicting each other. I have lost the counts of my mistakes…I learn from them and then most of the times I make the same mistake again.

I don’t know which category of people I belong to. When it comes to heart and emotions…I still am a fool.

I remember years back, a known stranger told me that I am a melancholic person. I am never going to be satisfied with what I have. And people like me should live alone. Not as a curse but as an advice. I smiled at him and said, it’s just a phase. It will pass. Today I remember his words and think how right he was.

I had an aunt. She was married at a very early stage. She was known to be a rebellion. A person very different from her family. She was, as said, was a very strong person..emotionally. It was said that no one could break her heart. As anticipated, she got divorced within two years of her marriage. Reason was, she was heartbroken. People still say that she was a strong headed woman and did not adjust with her husband. With time, as I got to know her, I came to know why she left him. She left because of her heart that was broken months after months. The abuse and arguments she had to face.

After few months of her divorce she left the country. At that time people said that it’s because she got a very good opportunity overseas. Truth is, the society never let her live here. She was tired of the comments and taunts she and her parents had to face everyday. And hence she left. It’s been years now. I am more mature to understand her situation. I don’t know where she is. The only thing I know is that she still is not married. She chose to live alone. She hard..made a life of her own and lived alone.

Today, when I think of her…I feel I am her. Like her. I feel I will end up like her. Alone. Not sad alone. But alone. Yes, people like me should live alone.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Men in my life!

There are flash backs running in front of my eyes. We never shared any concrete relationship. Relationship is a strong word. We never shared anything concrete would be a better thing to write. Yet there was/is something very strong. I feel he is me. Or I feel I am him. We are too similar. I never saw a future with him. I never saw us together. Yet there was something which always draw me towards him.

It’s nothing…nothing but the conversations. His words satiating my soul. His rhymes giving my inner goddess a heads up.

“We could have been a good couple” he said to me once. And the next moment he said, “It’s good we are not together”. And I couldn’t agree more to both of his statements.

He became an addiction to me. To my soul. And then, a wave came and things fell apart. I met someone and he met someone and we moved on.

We still talk…almost every day. But things have changed now. We have boundaries to look after. People to take care of. Responsibilities to fulfill. But in the middle of night…between weeks and months…I miss the person I was, when he was there!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Couch Potato!

I will not say that I miss myself or I miss that time. The time today is much better than what it used to be, in any sense. But yes, as the pain went by..I realized I lost the zeal and the necessity to vent out.

I guess I have become lazy….too lazy to write….to shop…to even feel anything. It’s like I am just accepting anything and everything coming on my way. You could see the strands of laziness on my face…on my body.

I just don’t care how I look…how I sound to people…how am I working or doing in my professional life. I don’t know if it’s the hormonal changes I am facing or I have just stopped thinking about important things in life. I do think a lot about the cleanliness of my bathroom. Or how well my bedsheet is spread over my bed or spotlessness my floor. I guess I am suffering from intense OCD and excessive laziness. Sounds like an oxymoron right?

But you know what…I am just too lazy to search for the right words here!

I think many times that I need a break. And because of which I took an off from work on Monday (after Sat and Sun off course). And I plan to go out on my own…to shop…to visit a friend or atleast make a few phone calls. But duhh!!! Here I am…at 5 p.m..wasted all day planning so many things and doing nothing. I could have slept atleast…but nope! I did NOTHING!!!!

And I guy my brain now is too lazy to think of anything else!

God help me!