Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Men in my life!

There are flash backs running in front of my eyes. We never shared any concrete relationship. Relationship is a strong word. We never shared anything concrete would be a better thing to write. Yet there was/is something very strong. I feel he is me. Or I feel I am him. We are too similar. I never saw a future with him. I never saw us together. Yet there was something which always draw me towards him.

It’s nothing…nothing but the conversations. His words satiating my soul. His rhymes giving my inner goddess a heads up.

“We could have been a good couple” he said to me once. And the next moment he said, “It’s good we are not together”. And I couldn’t agree more to both of his statements.

He became an addiction to me. To my soul. And then, a wave came and things fell apart. I met someone and he met someone and we moved on.

We still talk…almost every day. But things have changed now. We have boundaries to look after. People to take care of. Responsibilities to fulfill. But in the middle of night…between weeks and months…I miss the person I was, when he was there!!!!


Lucifer said...

Never keep the conditions of ending up together...sometimes beautiful love stories happen by just being friends.

who knows maybe somewhere in those exact moments between weeks & months...he misses the person you were...with him!!

mansi kashyap said...

@Lucifier: the condition of ending up together was never there. NEVER!
and yeah...maybe