Monday, February 10, 2014

Story of a tree!

I pass this huge tree in my society compound every day. While I am running late for work or just walking lost in my own thoughts. It’s been 6 months since I have shifted to this apartment. It was almost end of summers. This tree was lush green at that time. I never noticed it then, standing tall among his other mates.

Gradually, the wind changed and came monsoon. I could see his shinning leaves after it washed away his dirt and filth with rain. It is said that rain could wash away your deepest sins and could make you feel young again. It has the power to give you the zeal to live again, despite all the dark secrets hidden beneath the chamber of your heart.

I think this tree also had the same notion when he was flaunting his mesmerizing green leaves with elan. But as they say, nothing lasts forever. Everything changes. And everything that lived once must die. Slowly and gradually, his friend, his companion, the wind changed his colours too. You know….things change…people change…friends change. And so, one day when the tree was waiting for his friend, The Wind, he didn’t show up. The tree waited and waited. And one day, he sensed the fragrance of his long lost friend. There was he, the wind. But with whole new attitude. With all new intention. To destroy the tree. And with himself, he took along his new friend “The Autumn”. Tree begged and cried and made him remember all good old times they had together. But the wind was adamant. He had found his new friend. And gradually, slowly, the wind and the autumn destroyed the tree. The tree who was so proud of his friendship with the wind…who was so happy to see all his leaves going green and big…was now nothing but a lifeless soul..standing alone amidst the loneliness and grieve. He wept and cried. He stood there…wanted to die. He prayed everyday to god to take his life. He could not bear the betrayal of is friend. He could not bear it anymore and lost all hope.

But god had other plans. Wind and autumn forgot that after autumn and winters come spring. No matter how alone and lifeless this tree is today, he will find back his hope tomorrow. He will find another friend. He will get back what all he lost with time. Coz as they say…nothing stays forever. Neither happiness….nor sorrow. And so, this too shall pass. The tree will laugh again. Will live again. Will hope again.

Coz no matter what, at the end, good people get good things.