Monday, May 31, 2010

...and the urge to be in your arms evoked again.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Love :-)

Our souls sit close and silently within,
And their own web from their own entrails spin;
And when eyes meet far off, our sense is such,
That, spider-like, we feel the tenderest touch.

- John Dryden

Love...different people...different meaning...and different perception...but every love has a different side and different experience. Even if you fall in love with more than one person(yes..u cn ), u'll realize that loving the former is entirely different from the later one.But I blv der is that one person who is actually made for u. I call that person your "Soulmate". Now its upto you how much efforts you put into to meet that person....coz its not mandate u'll be able to meet him. He might be your very old frnd...or totally a stranger...the person sittin next to you in a journey or just a passerby.
I dont know how many of you agree to this...but I blv that someone...somewhere is made for me. The one who'll love me like anything...the one for whom i'll be the best gift of life...who would stay awake all night just to see me sleeping. The one with whom I want to grow old, with whom i can just be "ME". Whose aura brings a sense of tranquility around...who can hold my hand in crowded street...who can says to his friends "That's her....the love of my life". Who can do anything and everything just to make me smile...with whom world's seems so beautiful...I can feel beautiful.. The one who see me at my ugliest and still says.."I love you...for the way you are"........

And I blv that der is someone made for me....and i will meet my SOULMATE....sometym....somewhere.....down the road. :-)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Random :-)

ok..I admit ppl around me are annoying me like anything these it dat oval shaped mooncalf or that hippo.....and the worst thing is I am getting berserk by these idiots. And the most complicated situation is people who knows me dont understand this thing....they dont understand the seriouness of this matter...the reason why I am gettin more and more aggresive and dont want to talk with anyone...yes "anyone"...not even me.

I dont want to make new friends now...saturation point of making new frnds has reached....atleast for the tym being....I dont mind making new contacts wid few likeminded ppl den...u kw searching for 'likeminded' ppl is succha BIG task...and no energy is left in me to do succha complex task...atleast for a month or two.

I desperately need a vacation...not 2-3 a long one...its been high tym since I have tkm any break...n i really really wantto go sme place far from this city....want to see sunset and make some "khalbali" in run bare feeted on beach....(damn..when m actually going to do this?)

I want to get drunk.... like a drunkard and shout on road...just once.......and I want him to hold me know..whenever I see these sort of scenes in movies n all(typical bollywood really want to live a moment like that...dunn kw y?

And I want to go back in the tym when I was like "me"...I again want to meet all my I met them the very first time...and enjoy bday parties, new year parties....(ahh...we had parties for every trifle thing) ........I again want to spend summer vacations with my cousins... we four(me n my 3 cousins)...waking up all night...making plans for next day...getting scolded by mom....

And last...I need a BIGGG HUGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!

Am I asking for too much????Idont think so......I mean these are just few random thoughts and wishes.......few cud not be fulfilled..for rest....i'll do that smetym neways!!!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Between all the glory of sky,
all the brightness of sun,
all the cluster of friends
and all the memories of yesterday,
One thing which I realized is..........

I am all alone

Sunday, May 16, 2010

You And Me

For a moment things were like before. You and Me. Talking,laughing, teasing ...and looking into each other eyes. For a moment you were mine again. It seems like we never parted. E'thin around was so beautiful. You and Me. I touched my fingertips with your's....and then you joined your hand with mine. Its the best feeling you know.....feeling your presence around. We were bare feeted.....walking on wet sand....holding hands...I could feel your essence... by the wind blowing from your side.
I could spend all night like this...if you walk by my side. Will you? We stood for a standing behind me.....I could feel your breath on my neck......the chastity of our love, the sanity of our nameless relation...tranquility of your presence.
All I could wish for that moment is to hold it...for ever.......

Friday, May 14, 2010

No words to say
No story to relate
No incident to elaborate
Feeling and Emotion is all what I have today
Dont want any comment
No feedback..constructive or interpreted
Just wanted to write...thats what I am doing
Words are not always right to express what you feel
So, no web of words and sentences
Something is goin wrong
What...dont want to know
Restlesness is my companion
Sleep is going to be a traitor for night

No words to say
No story to relate
No incident to elaborate
Feeling and Emotion is all what I have today..................

Saturday, May 8, 2010

To the unseperable part of my being.......

I saw you last night...yeah it was your usual sedate manner...smilling with the seems to be happy, enjoying all colours of life...I felt happy for you seems to be satisfied with your surroundings.It was a dream though....but there's something which is disturbing me..I dont know its you or something else.Feeling chocked inside...are you still with her? Do you love her? Ahhh..I know these questions wont take anywhere. Its useless to crave for something which is not mine.Bt then I cant afford to see you with someone else. You dont talk to me burns me..your avoidance.I feel like shouting and one knows this...not even you..what phase I am going through.You dont want to come back ..isnt? I know. But I still love you. Like mad. Though your absence kills me....this pain is unbearable...but still I am addcited to it...I want to live with this pain...forever....which makes me feel you.
I dont want to sleep.It upset me.Your dreams.But what upsets me more is when I dream of you with open eyes.I dont want to cry either for I blv that my tears will take your memories away from me.I have become a victim...with no sign of improvement...for I have lost every hope of gettin better.I am getting insane..or better say have become one.Talking with you was the only thing best in my life.The only thing which made me feel alive then.Today,I am a dead soul caged in a numb body.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Miss-Understanding!!!!!! I think derz a bit of misunderstanding between me and you. I dun know from where you thought all this but let me clarify its all wrong. I know I hardly clarify things but this tym I thought its required you know....coz I want you to know me better...or may be the actual me. I know whatever you read here you think is sumwhere related to me and my life...well certainly it is...but then every coin has two do my life. I also have a part in my life which you're not aware of...coz you only blv what you read here...but my life is beyond words and this blog too. I write a part of me which no one knows..a part which reside deep inside me..which people around me cant think of. Once my friend accidently opened my blog and he was so shocked that it took him more than a month to actually blv that its me who write all know 'Life-Is-Hard' types post.But then do I always write such thing? No I blv. I write what I cant share with the people around. I am not very good in displaying affection and love you know...Be it for friends, parents or I write..for friends, for my golden moments and for him. Sometym I curse myself for not able to show what I create a lot of miscommunication between me and other people...I was never able to express what I feel for him....never able to convey my love for my friends...for the people I care then...let it be..things will settle down on its own.
What I am actually trying to say here with these words is....I am not serious types and melancholic person . I cherish moments...I laugh( yeah..n dat too lyk insane)...I giggle...I crack PJ's too( can u blv?)... I tease (boys off do a lot of fishy things which I cant write here( ok now dont think anything filthy right!!

So people.......What I write are actaully fluctuations of my poor mind(though its all true)....hez a baby u kw...can not take much stress. :-)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sometime I just wish to re-live my life that you cud come its way again
and this tym i'll never let you go!!!!