Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"U Turn"

Well...i dunn think i ever thought that i'll b writting sumthing like this.......thank to life and its twist and turns that made me to write all this.
Why life is always so unexpected....Why it always happen that things come back in life in the most unexpected way? Someone has rightly said "Expect the Unexpected".
There was a time wen all the things were going as if they are never goin to settle down and I am goin to spin from dis direction to that.....There was a time wen i was left wid nuthing and today I dunn have tym enough to see wat is 'nuthing' and what is' everythin'. Things probably not have changed much in terms of self satisfaction but still why to always curse life for this? Satisfaction is something which is their deep inside us.
Few days back, my supervisor gave me a CD and gave me instructions to watch the whole film...the film was a sort of documentary movie named as "RAHASYA", mystery which we call. I dunn understand why suddenly out of blue he gave me that CD wen lots of official work is still pending from my side. Well i thought that's a nice break I cn take out of my busy schedule and atleast can give a time break to my "disturbed mind".
I watched the whole movie which was about of one and a half hour....."Okkk.....nw i gt why he gave me this CD"...i thought...that was coz of my "disturbed mind" itself......
"Is my mind still deviating? "I thought...probably not....coz i even dunn have tym to see my face in the mirror then how can my mind deviate as nw I' am not thinking anything which cud have disturbed my mind.
Next day I gave him back the CD and said "Sir, thnks for the CD. I literally liked it.But one thing I want to know,Why suddenly u felt to give this CD to me?" He always a sarcastic way ...and said...."Ok Mansi, jst tell me wat u actually learned from this movie?"...
"Well Sir, this movie was all about the power of every person in this world attract things towards him...good or bad..jst by thinking about the same thing. For instance, if I consistently think that I am going to flunk in this exam then actually I will not be able to clear my exam. In the same way if I think something good again and again, then I am actually attracting that thing towards me.So, only by thinking good and positive aout people and things around, I can do justice with my destiny. Th whole idea of the movie was to think good things and not to keep any ill feelings for anything and any person"...He smirked....may be he was able to do wat actually he wanted to....I cud see that expression on his face."So...u gt your answer, their is always a reason for everything. Dunn ever ignore that msg.".... he said and went to his cabin.
Hmmmm.......he was right actually...yes..everything happens for a reason...and that thing happen coz of our pessimist thinking. Few months back I thought that I'll never be able to forgive some peoples and some incidents in my life...and these things are never going to come back in my life....but see the irony...these things not only came back in my life...I forgive those things so easily that even I am suprised how can such things happen? Few months back I almost considered myself as a victim of depression, but today I dunn have tym to think about anything(which is always a gud thing to avoid evil thoughts).....and yes..I am feeling relieved and happy with the things I am having today in my life...Yes, these things may not be completely mine , but still, I can at least feel those things for the time being. Something is always good then nothing.
Who knws these things cud become mine tomorrow..."Life is Always Unexpected....It always takes a U turn."