Wednesday, April 20, 2016


When or how would you decide that it’s all done. That you are done. Weak and broken to fix anything anymore any further. You cry your heart out sitting on the floor of your bathroom in the middle of the night. Everything seems fine but nothing is. Is this the first step towards depression? Why people who claims to be near and dear to you ignores the sign of it? People who claim to know you so well fails to understand how slowly and steadily you have become a victim of it.

Do you feel like ending everything t times? Even your life? That you have lost any home of being happy at any point of time despite everyone claiming that nothing is wrong. It’s all a mirage you know. Something that doesn’t exist but still people claim to see it. Some people are good at keeping it. Some, they just fail, miserably.

The sleepless nights, broken feet, crippled nails, dark circles..they all shout how terribly broken you are. But you put makeup on…try hard not to cry so that the flaws don’t become visible.

How often do you feel to just run away from everything for real? Going somewhere unknown and start from zero? Do you know how challenging it is to wake up every morning after a sleepless night, put the clothes on and pretend that nothing is wrong. Nothing is bothering you.

Is it incorrect to give up everything or to live for yourself? Even if it is at the cost of hurting the people you love. Or is it better to hurt yourself…once and for all?