Sunday, August 2, 2015

Be your own best friend :)

I remember when I was in school, I used to get so many friendship bands for friendship day. During grads, the circle grew so large that I lost the track of how many are there to wish. Planning friendship day eve, going out, having fun was how the years went by.

With time..people left. They always do. Some you leave…some leave you. And gradually when you grow up you will realize how many temporary people you met in the journey. And with time I realized today friendship day was confined to make calls to a handful of people who are still with m. Peeople with whom I hardly get time to talk to but yes with them I survived this long.

So the realization is that yes friends are treasure to keep. But as everyone gets busy in their own lives…’ve got to be your own best friend. You’ve got to learn to enjoy your own company.

So this friendship day..keeping this in mind…after wasting half of the day sleeping ad lazing around I decided to go on a date with myself. I got ready…picked up my bag and went off. Did loads of shopping for myself…from shoes to bag to clothes. Had amazing coffee and cakes and sat quietly for some time remembering the day I left home to make a life of my own.

And today I stand here…independent…much confident and a feeling that yes I do have achieved something at least to make a life of my own. And I might not be earning in 6 figures every month..but yes I am satisfied and I am good with whatever I have. I grew as a person…I haven’t lose my principles and no matter how many people hates me or doesn’t like me…I know that when I stand in front of the mirror I see an honest person and I am proud of that.

With this…I hope you all too find your best friend in no one else but yourself!