Monday, September 14, 2015

Couch Potato!

I will not say that I miss myself or I miss that time. The time today is much better than what it used to be, in any sense. But yes, as the pain went by..I realized I lost the zeal and the necessity to vent out.

I guess I have become lazy….too lazy to write….to shop…to even feel anything. It’s like I am just accepting anything and everything coming on my way. You could see the strands of laziness on my face…on my body.

I just don’t care how I look…how I sound to people…how am I working or doing in my professional life. I don’t know if it’s the hormonal changes I am facing or I have just stopped thinking about important things in life. I do think a lot about the cleanliness of my bathroom. Or how well my bedsheet is spread over my bed or spotlessness my floor. I guess I am suffering from intense OCD and excessive laziness. Sounds like an oxymoron right?

But you know what…I am just too lazy to search for the right words here!

I think many times that I need a break. And because of which I took an off from work on Monday (after Sat and Sun off course). And I plan to go out on my own…to shop…to visit a friend or atleast make a few phone calls. But duhh!!! Here I am…at 5 p.m..wasted all day planning so many things and doing nothing. I could have slept atleast…but nope! I did NOTHING!!!!

And I guy my brain now is too lazy to think of anything else!

God help me!


Lucifer said...

maybe you need to go through this phase too...i think everyone does.

only then can we move forward to something new, away from all the laziness

mansi kashyap said...

I hope so!