Sunday, September 20, 2015

Life as I see it! - I

They say learning never ends. Some say that smarter are the people who learn from other’s mistakes. I find these two statements contradicting each other. I have lost the counts of my mistakes…I learn from them and then most of the times I make the same mistake again.

I don’t know which category of people I belong to. When it comes to heart and emotions…I still am a fool.

I remember years back, a known stranger told me that I am a melancholic person. I am never going to be satisfied with what I have. And people like me should live alone. Not as a curse but as an advice. I smiled at him and said, it’s just a phase. It will pass. Today I remember his words and think how right he was.

I had an aunt. She was married at a very early stage. She was known to be a rebellion. A person very different from her family. She was, as said, was a very strong person..emotionally. It was said that no one could break her heart. As anticipated, she got divorced within two years of her marriage. Reason was, she was heartbroken. People still say that she was a strong headed woman and did not adjust with her husband. With time, as I got to know her, I came to know why she left him. She left because of her heart that was broken months after months. The abuse and arguments she had to face.

After few months of her divorce she left the country. At that time people said that it’s because she got a very good opportunity overseas. Truth is, the society never let her live here. She was tired of the comments and taunts she and her parents had to face everyday. And hence she left. It’s been years now. I am more mature to understand her situation. I don’t know where she is. The only thing I know is that she still is not married. She chose to live alone. She hard..made a life of her own and lived alone.

Today, when I think of her…I feel I am her. Like her. I feel I will end up like her. Alone. Not sad alone. But alone. Yes, people like me should live alone.

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Rutuja Hendre said...

I too have received such comments ya..... but lets not loose hope for better..lets be positive n hope for best!