Tuesday, October 18, 2011

STILL...should I stand!

It is not about you anymore, for you today are just like a distant memory….getting fade by every passing moment. It’s not about the piles of work I cover myself with and end up doing nothing. Many phases have passed. Have experienced extremes of insomnia, numbness, insanity, tears, pain, and agony.’s a different story. So different that when I look myself up into the eyes refuses to recognize my own face. They see a different me. ..a stranger caged in a known body. Things are quite the way I wanted…except of few undesirable forgotten…forbidden desires…few unfulfilled and could-never-be-fulfilled dreams. The Id seems to overshadow superego sometimes. The traces of stubborn, mad , crazy scorpion girl becomes visible. Relationships sucks for now…love stories sounds like crap..lovey-dovey talks of people new into relation seems like a joke in itself. What dominates is a strange drive towards a risky way. Not love for sure..but a strange madness and obsession for something. Something or maybe someone even I am not sure of. It’s frustrating sometimes but still I enjoy being here…in this phase. Can’t walk forward and do not want to go back. Still should I stand here!Still.


Raajii said...

Ah - I suppose I know how its like. As most of us do. I suppose its just something we all have to go through at least once.

Mansi said...

@Raaji: True!

Whuaat? said...

I like the way you express yourself. You got yourself a new follower :)

Mansi said...

Welcome here!