Thursday, February 25, 2010

SoMe ReAsOnS To SmIlE

Lyf is a mystery .... no one knows which moment cud bring another disaster......but der are certain moments which were special, are special and will always remain are some moments close to my heart (dedicated to my best pals)

> a tight hug from geet everytym we meet
> to pakaofy Tanuj wid all silly talks, discuss all fishy things wid him...and den laugh lyk insanes
> to give endless lectures to neha wen everytym she commit the same mistake
> to blackmail anupama emotionally and finally make her ready to go for a movie
> to abuse mayank lyk nething and get d same reply everytym "main to janwar hu"
> to listen to all rubbish talks of ankita without getting any word what shez actually trying to say
> to discuss all senseless "professional problems" with Sankalp bhai but still gt no solution of it
> to jst talk talk and talk about the tym wen we all were together
> to plan a reunion every now n den and end up wid nothing :-(
> a cute sms wen least expected
> to fight wid some n hung up ur cel and decide not to talk to him/her anymore...and after a minute again gt a call from him/her n talk fr another hour
> midnight talks
> yahoo conference and a cup of coffee
> to view all old pics and videos and smile wid tears in eyes
> to get nostalgic after visiting a place whr u had ol d fun wid ur frnds once(Taj mohotsav dis tym...missed u guys)
> to listen a song dedicated by special someone
> to re-read all old chats and conversations
> to find an old note in ur pocket after ages
> wen u desperately wants to talk to someone and find that derz still some balance left in ur cel
> wen sum1 says "sab sai hai...dun wry...m der."
> to wake up in the morning and find dat derz still and hour to sleep
> to realize dat derz still raining outside

We all have millions of reasons to feel sad and cry...still der are some moments which could make u smile for a while....................


tj !! said...

good work :)

Mansi said...

ohh.....m obliged sir....:-)

Abhinav said...

TURE :-)

Anonymous said...

da poem is jst awesome yaar..
nd d feelin tht i get by readin da first line is jst inexplicable..!!
u're da best..
jst love u 4 evrythin..
tc.. alwys..

Mansi said...

same here sweets!!