Friday, February 12, 2010


I dont know wat has happened but I cant write my thoughts down. A feeling so bizarre has emerged dat pain too has become numb. Days are passing and nights are moving away as if sand fron fist. Want to hold so many moments scattered around. When tryin to catch one, other runs away. Lyf from past few days has took a strange turn, and finding myself walkin on a path known long back. Dont want to answer any question, dont want to think wats right and wrong....just doing wat hearts promt me to. Some sins give more gratification wen done intentionally.


Gaurav Upadhyay SEO said...

huuummmm...strange ...i suppose u r passing some happy moments th life ...hope soooo....but i can't wait 2 long for your next post ...hope u'll recover soon...

Mansi said...

yeah...a phase different 4m d previous one u cn say....happy or sad ...well dun kw