Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Wandering Thoughts II......TIME

A life so numb....a heart without beats...a brain widout thoughts....a face widout smile...I am so in a state of startled....Life is just running as it is meant to be, but I cud not feel a single movement in my being.
People says everything in this world is preplanned...every single thing...the death, the birth, love, failure, smile, tear...everything.And all these thing happens for a reason...a reason which we may not understand at this point of time....but which will be justified the right time...yeah....RIGHT TIME....a time when things are meant to happen...a time right for that moment to occur. Their are no good or bad times...the only thing which exist is the "Right Time". We may give ample of reasons for the things not going our way...but the truth lies in the fact that things will never go 'our way'...they happen wen they are planned to happen. We may crip for number of things...we may say that we deserve more than what we actually have today...but the fact why we are still away from that thing is that we have not reach at that point of Perfection yet... the point at which we become flawless for it....Once we reach that point...nobody on this earth could stop that moment to take place. But on the contrary, we try to influence things...we cry, we try, we complain of the things which are not in our control...It's an attempt in vain.

Accept things in life as they come. Dez no use of fighting with it. Everything happens for a reason....A reason u'll come to know wen the time comes...and derz always a time for event to happen!!!!!!!

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