Friday, March 26, 2010

He And She (I)

Day 1:
He saw her first time during counselling. It was raining heavily. She was with her dad and cousin and as usual was firing all her doubt to the councellor sitting in front of her( poor she)....and He was sitting silently...watching every action of her..listening every senseless doubt shez having. The first time He saw her he knew shez the one. She talked (or better say ate her brain) for about an hour....choosing between Software track and Managment track was a big question for her. She made her choice and and now it was his turn and then they crossed each other.....


She was cheerful, always smilling, perky and full of life.Her life has nothing to crip over. She was contended, satisfied with what all she had. This world was new to her as it was the first time she was getting out of her cocoon and facing the real world. She was excited but afraid at the same time. Their were new colours and dreams all around her. She wants to grab all of them in her arms and like a peacock in first rain. She was happy.....full of bliss and lots of enthusiasm.She used to talk with everyone...laugh with one and all.....Her smile had a charismatic effect which made others to get attracted towards her.Within few days.......she made a special place in everyone's life like always.


He was mature, reasonable and sensible. Knowns how to deal with life and its difficulties. He has faced the ups and downs of life. He was strong and rational.Talk less but sense. His friend circle was limited with the people he feel comfortable with. A subtle manner to deal with excitement and dejections. He was a MAN with a motive, a promise to himself..and commitment towards his aspirations.

And then the story begins.............


funkyrave said...

Hey Mansi.. A lot has been changed since last time I visited ur blog.. Nice template and gadgets!
But most awesome are the posts .. really great..
loved esp..

Some reasons to smile (Loved it.. I have a similar post in my blog but urs is awesome!)

and its you again..(Speechless.. ur words actually express everything!)

HE and SHE (brought back feeling of nostalgia.. great discrete description of both characters)

rest posts are great too :-)

Yeah I have been really busy with life, Last days of college, Admissions, Campus.. Pheww..
Hope you are doing grt!

all d best and keep posting..
I need to read good things, so ur posts badly needed :-)

Mansi said...


thnx a lot....yeah..things too hv changed apart 4m gadgets and templates :-)