Sunday, March 14, 2010

And its you again!!!!!!!!

See wat u did again? why u do this again n again..wat pleasure does it give to u hurting me every now and then? Cant u see me normal? I feel scared of dreams now..i dunn want to actually brings d hell outa me...nights..which were my best i dunn even want them to come. Reason being...U..yes its U and only u. I want to hate u sometym...hate dat no substance cud dissolve....I wish I cud just erase the part of my soul in which u den I hv to erase my soul completely....u live in every part of my being...every portion.....why dont u jst let me go....let me go from your memories. Everytime I close my eyes I see you...U and me...together..laughing...walking...holding hands..lookin into each other eyes. I cud feel that intensity into your eyes....that love overflowing from it real? Are these feeling genuine? or they too are fake like you? like your your the dreams we saw together?
You know what..I dont see dreams anymore.....they scared me...I dunn seems to be so fake....I cant fake my heart now...Coz It knows the truth..It know wat had happened....wen everytime I ask him to b ask for reasons.....reasons which I cant give..,.reasons which u cant give. U kw how my heart is...dont u? I hate to love the time when we were together...your voice echoes into my ears...your rotate in front of my eyes every second. ....M tired....I want to shut my eyes...close my ears and till I reach a place unknown....a place so strange that even I fnd it difficult to know myself.

Phewhh......yeah..I do miss you.


heartupsurge said...

I don't agree to the picture. We are never a victim of other people's words. We are a victim of our own HEARTS :-)

Mansi said...

n wat if this heart belongs to someone else?????