Thursday, April 1, 2010

A story not meant to be

This is not the way it was supposed to end. This story has to had some different ending.Things has to be different.This is not what I imagined or liked the way it should be.Something went wrong...something....anything. I decided it to go a long be more intimate, tempest,more passionate, more romantic...But things went the other way around.He was supposed to be her Man today, He was supposed to stand by her side rather then sitting miles away and sharing her space with everyone else.He is supposed to come be with her..they are meant to be together.She cannot cry all her life like this.She cannot be so misfortunate in love.Did she really got loved by him? Was it love actually or he just pretented? If it was love, how can he left her like this in the moddle of nowhere.Is there anyone who really cares for her or she is just meant to be alone?

P.S :Some people are meant to be alone. This is neither good nor bad. This is just Life planned for them.


funkyrave said...

Sometimes u give it all, but it always lacks.. somethings(/ Some people) are not destined to be with u! we cant have reasons for evrything..
And 'she' needs to have faith.. We invite misfortunes by sometimes believing tht we are 'misfortunate'
Some day.. love will come to her silently..
All She needs to have is patience..
all d best to her..

Mansi said...

yeah...'she' hs to blv in things, in sme wounds needs a lot of tym to heal!!!