Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I am trying to blv in one thing these days..."Whatever happens, happen for good. And everything has a reason." Let me clarify one thing here...I am just trying to blv in this statement. Since I am not an optimistic person, i need sme tym to blv in such a thing. But whenever I try to make this statement justified...the only question which comes up in my mind is "Really???" I mean I do blv that every event in lyf has a just need to decode the code and you'll be able to find the hidden mystries. But is that event really mandate in your life? I doubt.
We..The Humans...are very dexterous...we mould and see things in the way we want them to be. If we gt pass we call it our efforts, our success and if we fail...we call it Fate.What a hypocrite we are. We give so many justifications and clarifications for our sins and guilt.Sometym I hate being 'Human'.

P.S: Yeah...I am bit frustrated these days...:-(


Gaurav Upadhyay SEO said...

Not everything happens for good n sometimes things can happen even without any reason. I don’t want to blv in this statement especially since not everyone has capability decode this code. Sometimes things can happen beyond, effort n fate … so its all for mental satisfaction .Yes, I can say, its all part of the game n we need to keep ball rolling …its upon u, how u treat the situation after that? -:)

Mansi said...

yeah....nt everything happens for good..and everyone hs dis ability to decode the code..its upto us how much we cn polish our own capabilities!!!

impuregod said...

well... yo right wen ya say not everything happens for good... and wat i ve learnt from ma life is tat...something bad might happen with us at one point of time... we may not comprehend the reason then...but as we grow and look back we will get the clarification... may be we become hypocrites and assign some reason to justify it but then... it doesnt matter... we all eventually move on...

Mansi said...

hmm...may be
bt then movin on is the only option left!!!