Thursday, April 15, 2010

He And She (IV)

She: Hello!
He: Hello..whose dis?
She: Hi..its me!
He: Oh! Hi...Actually I ws just going through my 'Answered' list of phone calls wen I found this unknown number. So thought to confirm whoz number is this.May be Ankur has called me from your number. Sry to call so late!
She: Hey..its need of so much of clarifications.
He: howz u?
She: Me gud..wat about you?
He: Me fine.So thought of smething for annual function?
She: Nahh..not yet.Will talk to Tanya and Parul tomorrow. What about you?
He: I have some i need advise and support from whole batch.
She: Hmmm........I can take accountability for my group...or may be all girls.
He: Fine..I'll talk to all boys. Thnx
She:Pleasure Mr.Hacker!!!
He: Hmm........(smiled)...see ya tomorrow then!
She: Sure! Bye!

She was actually surprised to rcv call from Him. First time in her lyf she actually thought of someone before sleep. Was she falling for him?Nah...its too early for that. They need to kw each other better before that. So, finally the phase of knowing each other started................

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Anonymous said...

what happned thereafter i have been searching for the rest but couldnt find any.