Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Welcome Me- Oh new place!

More than half month…and I haven’t written a single line…a single word. Time..when I thought I would be writing pages after pages…not a single word came out…I won’t say I was out of words…It’s just that so many things are happening around that I could not find a single second to stop, breathe and think what am I upto? Where am I heading towards? I left my city…my friends…my little world…came into a totally unknown city..with little expectations and lots of small little dreams in my eyes.

But sometimes you have to pay for your dreams…days here are not easy…Things sometimes get pathetically ugly….but this is what I chose…And here I am…away from family, friends…walking on a path unknown…so many things on stake..still a little hope deep within heart that things will get fine. Yes..I do feel alone sometime…alone cause I want to share things with someone. I remember when I was about to leave Agra, someone said ‘Go and make new friends’…and I replied ‘I am not going there to make friends’. Yes, I am not here to make friends..and I know I just can’t. But I am definitely looking forward to meet some wonderful people here…to learn new things…to explore more in this world…to get out of my cocoon and face the Real world.

I hope things settle down soon and this place accepts me with open arms.


Raajii said...

Good luck! Sometimes the real world is not that pretty - so be careful :-)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Best of luck with that.
And yes, when there is a lot going on in the mind, suitable words are hard to find.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Mansi said...

Thnx! I have experienced only ugliness till now! yes I will :-)

thnx! yes...only raw words come up :-)

Geet said...

yo baby..!!
soo u finally xploring haan..!!
hv fun swthrt..!!
n i knw 4 sure u gonna rock..!! :)
jst hav faith in my faith..

Mansi said...

thnx sweetheart!