Thursday, June 16, 2011

Making memories!

“Day by day nothing changes…but when we look back..everything is different” said my friend once. And today I realize how true it is! The days I live…I don’t see anything different, any changes around. But when I look back..I realize how things have gone upside down. I have come such a long long way . Today when I look back I see people I met and lost..people who were just a stranger once and now have become an inseparable part of my life.…and how people once so close are just a known stranger. How my perception on relationships has changed completely…how the word acquaintance separated from friendship.

And when today I read my old posts…I got sure of one thing…things certainly has changed…not only around me..but within me too. I won’t say I have started thinking about life or the coming future more seriously…but certainly I have come to know lot many things about people and this world around. I don’t know whether these changes come for good in our life or not ..but they really change the way you live your life.

I don’t know why I am looking back at this time. Maybe because soon there will be no looking back. I save memories here by writing these words. People can leave you..things could be lost…your memory can become weak …but words…they remain with you…all your life.


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Change is something that we cannot stop from happening, and yes, we evolve along.
Looking back at this place from the time I have read you, I have seen posts full of sadness, and of distant memories, and have also seen the better sides, as I see these days.

Keep up the good spirit.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Mansi said...

@BA: many ups and downs and this place was always there!
M liking the better side!
Thnx a lot!

Sourav said...

Life can only get better every second, if only we can embrace it in the best of the spirit.

Best wishes, and you write really well :)