Thursday, June 9, 2011


Isn’t it amazing how every single day…every passing moment is so different from the previous one…and one moment gone would never come back again. That smile on your face, glimpse of that special someone..that one word which stopped your heart for a second…that touch …feel of first kiss…the person you met while travelling…that kid who smiled at you while you coming back from work…those uncontrollable laughs with your best pal…these small moments would never ever come back to you.

Life is a sum of all those little happy-sad moments. We tend to love some of them and hate the rest…but we can’t avoid them….these are our lives…these small moments of love, laugh, tears. I have met people who say they live like king size and some says they like life simple…one moment at a time. For some life is about parties, loud music, discotheques ….some live their life in a 9-5 job….some say that they live a combination of both…while for some life is all about to bring a smile on someone’s face…but aren’t we all living moments and not a life in whole? Aren’t we all same somewhere? And how our life is, depends upon the moments we lived.

Yeah….I am trying to live in moments and not in life. Life sounds too gloomy and heavy….moments brings bliss and a smile on my face.
And here I am ..standing on the edge of life…about to open a new chapter…trying to change the way I take life…turning life into moments…with a song on my lips:
“Aankhoin me jiske, koi to khwaab hai
Khush hai wahi jo, thoa betaab hai
Zindagi me koi aarzu kijiye, Phir dekhiye”


Red Handed said...

Moments once gone cannot be cherished ever again

so true!

Soumya said...

Ah life is easy when you live in moments. But how do you forget the past moments?

Geet said...

true actly..
nd m happy to c datu're gonna live ur lyf agn..!
all da best 4 it..

Mansi said...

@RH: cherish each moment as much as u can!

Don't forget...don't remember...just live thru them!

thnx honey <3

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

I am liking the new exuberance of this place, positive vibes all around. :) Keep it up Mansi.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Mansi said...

I don't know how your comment is not visible here....
Thank you...I too m liking the changes for the first time!
Hope this last for long!


yes, who he/she live in moments, can feel the beauty n happiness of life....butttt again its not so easy to rub off the past n be careless about the a tough call.....:))

Mansi said...

Yeah....It is nt impossible!

Shaan said...

Like the last phara...will Wait for a new mansi, plz know dnt step back