Monday, September 28, 2009

The Untrodden Path

A path left far behind... a path decided not to walk on...a path full of regrets and pain...and today again found myself walking on the same path not knowing where this path will take. Why again a feel of helplessness has emerge? Have I again come on the wrong way? Is this path really not worth walking? Whats the ultimate destination of this path?
Why I cant see anyone around? why the surroundings are so dark? Why these roads are inactive? Am I the only one walking on this untrodden path? All I could see here are questions with no answers, All I could hear is the voice of devils asking me to quit, All I could feel is the fear unknown, fear of loosing something, sumthin deep close to my heart, All I could sense are the laughs of evil spirits on me. Why am I not my usual one today? Whats stopping me to laugh, whats stopping me to be happy?
Is this the untrodden path I wished for ?

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