Friday, March 23, 2012

Little Girl...she once was!

She is no more a naïve, innocent girl of small town, burdened with traditions..customs and ethics of this fake society. She is no more a girl confined with rules set by others. She is a grown up woman today. A woman who live life on her own terms. She smoke, she drink, she hang out with her male friends. She doesn’t seek permission of anyone to live her life. People may call her spoiled…rebel..bitch! She’s loosing on emotions..she has lost relations and is still losing. Her friend list ends even before the counting starts. She cared…she cares a little today…soon a day will come when she’ll stop caring completely. She has learned the rules of living life.This world have always been harsh to her….it has snatched the most lovable toy when she was a kid, it has snatched her best friend when just started learning the meaning of ‘friend’…it has snatched her love when she learned what love is…it has made her cry…cry out loud with no one around to listen. It has snatched the people closed to her. This is not the way she used to be…cold, numb. This world has made her this way. She has always cared…always loved…always given her best in every relations..friendship, special someones, love….every relation. But what has she got in return? Humiliation? Agony? Pain? And blame of being insensible?

Today, she is just a soul caged in a body….with no love for anyone. Not even for herself. She has lost the zeal to live life. She has lost the excitement to look herself up into the mirror. The fun of meeting new people and making new friends. Soon, she’ll isolate herself from everyone. Soon…she’ll be a story….a bygone for everyone.

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