Sunday, September 2, 2012

I Quit!

The age has come, the life is over and the ventilator couldn’t work anymore. There is no use in trying to extend the life of something which is dead already. Is it any? So…what to do now? Coz I am broken…so badly this time that I can’t try any more..not even an inch! Things change with time..that’s the universal truth that everyone knows including me…but I don’t believe in relations that change with time…I don’t believe in bonds, trust and faith that change due to circumstances…and if they do..then it’s time to let them go…to let go of even the most dear thing from your life. Keep the memories with you…like we keep of the person who is no more with us. We accept the fact that he has to go..but we do not stop loving him/her. The same is with life….and with people…time come and they have to go…you have to let them go…keeping the good/bad moments with you..forever…coz nothing but the memories remains! And hence I QUIT! I quit from the insanity….the possessiveness…the boundations….the suffering I gave you! I quit from the sympathy…the obligations…from the lies and things you hide! I quit from the days spent in trying n making things alright…and ruining them again the very next day. I quit from the avoidance…the ignorance….the sharing of you with each and everyone around…of watching you walk away…of getting counted nowhere….of being nameless in your life..of crying and making you cry each night! Those moments of despair, the agonies and cries, the fights to make things alright the solutions that were never right and then....after days and months that very exact moment when u know its time to let it go! let it go!


Jack said...


Read 2 posts now. I agree with your father that one needs to take care of self too before anyone else. Not that one should be selfish but should never ignore own needs or peace. You are right in this one. A time comes when you need to let go and keep fond memories erasing sad ones. If you feel comfortable to write to me at my id given in my profile.

Take care

Mansi said...

That's so sweet of you..thanks:)