Sunday, February 3, 2013

This will fade too...oneday...someday!

The moment lived today will become a distant memory one day. Gradually and eventually everything will fade. Every memory, every tear dropped, the insanity, the insomaniac nights…the fragrance..half smiles…the smell of damp cigarettes….the lemonades after hangover…the feeling of being lost…promises…that were made to be broken…messages that lived in archive for years…mails in the red marked folder…every song sent…conversations that remained in mind and never found the courage to be spoken. The drafts that remind of dates…dates which remind of certain events…the colour of Black coffee...all will fade.

Name will become just another word. Phone numbers..just a contact. Won’t even bother to look at the ‘status’ and ‘last seen’ at watsapp. This is how it is done everytime and by everyone. This is certainly not moving on. No-one moves on..ever! EVER!

It’s neither good nor’s just the way IT IS. There will never be any answer for few questions. Why smell of a new book is so familiar? Why nail paint get off in weird shapes? Why sometimes you find solace amidst an unknown crowd? What life has in store for you? Why memories fade? There will never be an answer so absolute.

Coz the only absolute is TIME…the only thing constant is CHANGE. Nothing more…nothing less.

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Soumesh said...

No-one moves on..ever! EVER!

well said..we only act of that.. :)