Thursday, June 20, 2013

What is to be done?

You know it’s like everything is running….across me…around me…and I am standing here…still…at one place…bewildered…stunned…shivering…sobbing…lost…not knowing what to do…which way to go….what to say and how to react. As if everything around is everything but not me. As if, I am not me. As if I have lost my soul. And as I stood there….clueless….soul-less….I saw myself. Right there. Standing and laughing at me on the other side. What have I done? Where am I today? What will I do next? Should I abandon this world which had left me months back or should I wait….wait for the things to slow down…to come to a halt? What should I do? What should I do?


Aditya said...

Well. Wait n have patience. Things get better eventually. I get around this situation a lot if times. But every time , something happens and I feel I had been reacting too much. Divert your mind. Do things you like.

Well since you wrote this 4 days ago , I hope you've gone past those hard feelings already. :)

mansi kashyap said...

The moment passes but the phase lingers on!
thnx !