Friday, July 12, 2013


How many times has it happened that you keep walking round and round in a circle? How many times has it happened that you walked away of this circle thinking it as a straight line but end up being at square one? How many times has it happened that you said to yourself that it’s over and end up doing the same thing all over again?

Haven’t we all, somewhere, have tried to escape and hold on to the same thing at the same time? Isn’t that weird that the one thing you want the most is the same thing you are trying to get away from? That your heart is crying and smiling for the same thing? What makes our mind to love and hate the same person? That you sit across a person and also waiting for him to arrive there?

Have your heart felt hollow and contented at the same time? That you could see things clearly in haze? What is it that make things so complicated that are yet so simple to understand? That you end up meeting the same person to whom you have bid the last goodbye many times? Is it that last goodbye is over-rated? Is it that we find pleasure in pain? Or is it that we close our eyes and pretend that the world has gone black?

We humans are weird, strange breed. What we want, what our need is and what we deserve…we think, are same things. And hence the vicious circle of suffering never ends. We don’t know when to actually let go….when to walk out and set ourselves free. Or is there anything like ‘letting go’ really exists? How far is too far? What is that point from where you have to part ways? Who will decide that you have reached that point? Is there any certain incident, or a particular statement or a something you see that makes you decide that yes…this is the point to bid the last adieu?

It’s absurd you know….this whole cycle of drama….and we, the humans, makes it more illogical. Who knows what’s right and what’s wrong….who knows which side of the coin it’s going to be…who knows the glass is half filled or half empty!


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mansi kashyap said...

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