Thursday, August 22, 2013

Life and Me- Today :)

And between the yesterday and tomorrow…the moment that just went by and the moment that is about to arrive…the past and the future…I found an amazing thing. This moment. Today. Present.

Yes…yesterday does matter. Whatever we are today, it’s because of the decision we made…the things we lost…the lessons we learned….the people we met. It’s been long you know….long phase of getting to know yourself….to chase happiness…to look for good in every bad….to find reasons…to BE good with and for people who doesn’t deserve a bit of it.

But I guess…and believe..all of it helped me grow…somewhere and made me strong. Sometimes, I amaze myself..sometimes I feel shocked to see how I behave at times. But whatever it is…I definitely have started living for myself…and somewhere…loving myself too.

Pessimism…people with negative aura…and jerks trying to bring jinx in my life have no place anywhere near my life. There is no place for lies…for feign emotions….in and around me. The moment I feel someone is trying to drag me into the well of negative thoughts..I just cut them off. And I know…soon…I’l l reach a stage where no-one could affect me and my thoughts.

Sooner or later.. There will come a day...when you'll set yourself free. You know! No cage of attachments...of expectations...of getting hurt. That’ll look back and to see what a long way you have much your life has much you have changed as a person.

But before have to reach the pinnacle of touch the kill the warm and affectionate person inside you.... to wash away the pain through tears.

So...even if you realize today that you have become as cold as a fish...doesn't feel anything inside...everything around seems nothing but not panic. Coz the next step is to set yourself free. From the pain...from expectations...from all the lies....from all the attachments that aren't worth it.

It's darkest before the dawn. Wait for your dawn. Just a lil more. Do not give up. Coz you are close...close to the point when everything will just get fine!

Life may not be fair. But it isn't fair for everyone. N that's what makes it fair!

P.S. And that’s my friend…would be a closure. The final adieu. The last goodbye. And the next day when you’ll peep into the mirror…you’ll see a new you. Smiling. Happy. Hopeful. YOU.


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

I hope you find yourself smiling in the mirror, smiling back at yourself when you stand undone. But don't let the morning sun soften your core, nor make you wince. Let your smile be as pretty as before, know that it is the face you own.

Cheers to you!

Blasphemous Aesthete

mansi kashyap said...

thnkuuuu :)
sure that is :)