Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Today, at this point of time...sitting in an unknown city...among unknown people...drowned in work....I feel how lonely it is inside my heart. How void and empty. How hurt and disappointed. I believe in Karma. I must have hurt someone...ditched someone....broke someone. I must have. Intentionally...Unintentionally. I don't know. I...I am a good person...searching for shore....for persistence....for stability...for peace. Many...many people started this journey with me, but today...I am standing alone. I believe this is what life is. People...memories...we just leave them behind or they find their own ways. Some find the person to walk with...some...they just walk alone.

And it's hard to describe. This feeling. What you call it? Solitude or loneliness? There is a very thin line right? But that is what make all the difference. The more strong you try to become...the lonelier you get. And that one point...that exact point where you kept it open...someone will come and hit that too. And it's not good. That's the last thing you want from life. Coz after that, there is just no end to it.

Sometimes I wish I had not kept that point open. Should have closed it myself. Why give other a chance to kill you when you yourself can.

It's a rambling I know...but it has to vented out. How but?

I thought I am a good person. A good human being. But then, what defines good? Who define it?

I guess it's coming back. All of it. Some part that held years before. Somewhere. Or it's just the way I am. Some people love pain but don't want to be with it, yet never let it out of them.

Yes, I guess that's what I am. And that's what I'll always be. Until..........

Until.....someday.....I could meet me!


Shashikant Agarwal said...

You are a nice and brave person...and I can easily say that you will achieve all your dreams very soon...I am lucky to have a chance to meet you and know you... no matter how much you know but you give that a try first rather coming with question without an attempt to it...Good Luck dear..

mansi kashyap said...

@^: Thanks a lot sir. And thanks for stopping by :)

pri said...

This feels so much like me, some years ago. :)
Take my word for it. This is just a phase.

Take care

Abhishek Verma said...

Going through same phase !!
#Touching :)