Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wait and life will flow!

They say good things come to those who wait. They say it will happen when it is meant to be. They say you could neither preponed or postponed any event in your life.

I don’t know if whatever is happening is good or just a phase. But for the first time, I believe I could see beyond a time limit. I could ascertain my future. I feel little stability and hope for tomorrow.

Yes, July definitely was a month full of changes. I changed my flat. Changed my workplace. Though both the places have few people from old places…office and flat…but the surroundings are new. I am liking this change..specially my workplace. Good managers….good teal leads…people I look forward to work with. Personal life too has become a little stable. Yes. Stable.

My weekdays are good. My weekends are better. We explore all new places every weekend. Going all over Delhi to mark our presence. Thing I love the most about him is that he never says no. Delhi/NCR being such a huge city, even if I ask him to drive 60 kms for a plate of pasta….he do it..with all happiness and excitement.

And yes, I visited the city for which I have been waiting for years. Jaipur. Such a lovely stay and such a beautiful place.

So much happened this month that I am still trying to figure out where I am this moment. Amidst all this roller coaster, I missed few people. Things ended so abruptly between us I could not even guess what happened. At times, I want to ping them and ask what happened. But maybe few things are better when they are left as they are.

Anyhow, we all move on. For better or for worst, that only time would decide.