Tuesday, February 16, 2016

V-day : amidst the hoopla and the excitement!

With the end of valentine’s week on Sunday and all the hoopla between singles, not so singles and people in relationship, social media was full of different kind of views regarding this day. There is always a sense of little jealousy and pity that goes amidst singles and the committed people…specially girls. While most of the girls go gaga over the occasion, some secretly wishes to be single and date numerous guys without any tag. While on the other hand, the single ones try to show how cool they are to be not dating anyone but wishes to have bouquets and gifts rolled in red gift papers.

I have been through all of three phases in the last three-four years during valentine’s day. You know being single, not so single and committed phase. And to my surprise, like all other girls…my though process has been different, every time. But one thing that I did all these years was to wish myself a valentine’s day first.

Out of all my girlfriends, most of them are married, one is single (kinda dating) and I am engaged and all of them had different views. When I was really excited for the day and the surprises my fiancé had planned for, one of my married girlfriend was feeling all low and it was just like another day for her. To her side of the story, life changes drastically after marriage and things get complicated. She misses being single..the uncertainty of not knowing with whom she is going to spend the V-day with. No, I am not saying it’s same for all married couples, coz other of my married girlfriends were all decked up with red lipstick on and all ready to hit the dance floor.

I wonder, what is it that change our mindsets when we are in a particular phase. The fear of not having loved at all…or the monotony of having just one person for the rest of your life? The excitement of being pampered so much or the feeling of being free and not answerable to anyone? Or do we just hide what we actually feel?

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