Monday, February 6, 2017


She has those lil know. To have a home …to have a huge shelf full of books. To have flowers and plants all over her balcony. To wake up and drink her first cup of tea amidst the silence of those small little plants. A home she could decorate and nurture with her love. She wanted her home to reflect her soul. She never wanted expensive cars….diamonds… gifts. She was never like that….she was capable of buying all those things herself..yet she never did. Coz this is not what she wanted from life. Never.

All she wanted was a house she could call home….someone she could love and be loved…late night conversations with someone who could understand her with a glass of wine. Conversations that could touch her soul and make her feel alive. She wanted to travel but never expected to live in 5 star hotels. At this point of time…all she wanted was peace.

But life is not fair. It is not fair with anyone and this is what makes it fair…I guess. She was ‘she’ for herself. The idea of being her was limited to her own self. The world never gives a know…to who you are. That’s how it works. But, she never understood this concept. She always thought that one day she would find a world full of love and harmony and peace. Little did she know, life had other plans for her.

Her passion left her…her desires failed her. Day by day…she became someone she could not recognize by looking into the mirror. She would wake up at night and pray! Pray to some god, she never believed exist, to end this. To end the nightmare and take her back to the time when thinking about the future excites her. What was wrong..she was never able to get an exact answer. All she knew was she was not happy. Or maybe..being happy is a concept. She was not herself. Yes, she was not herself. She could not feel the happiness. It was just never ending melancholy she could feel. Like a deep hole in her heart. A heavy weight that kept in increasing.

Sometimes, she wish to have a place where she could scream. Scream and just let things go. She is still waiting for it….to scream and let tears flow down her cheeks and just let it go……


Sanjeev Sariya said...

Post after long time. Keep them rolling! :)

Anonymous said...

It was awesome..