Sunday, May 24, 2009


"I sought them far and found them,
The sure, the straight, the brave,
The hearts I lost my own to,
The souls I could not save
They braced their belts about them,
They crossed in ships the sea,
They sought and found six feet of ground,
And there they died for me."
Friends, Pals, them by any name, meaning remains the same..
Friends are that part of life who can die for you..and dunn even ask u a question ..
They met u as a stranger and become your soul, they give hundred reasons to fight n millions to smile, they fight with you and then take you in your arms, they irritate you jst to bring the hell out of u n then laugh with u lyk insanes...Yes, they are friends.
We started wen we dunn even kw wat friends are...and today, its time to say goodbye's to one another. Today, one of my sweetest pearl is going, tomorrow another will go, and one by one we all will get busy with our lives...Bt the time we had spend together, those continuous laughs, those movies, bunking tutions and roaming here n der, those night stay, birthday parties, rains, partying without any reason, teasing, shopping....thousands of beautiful memories like these....will remain beneath our heart ,forever.
You ppl r d reason why I still smile , the reason why this place is still beautiful, y der exists immense attachment with every small thing. In lows or were always beside me, smilling ang giving me thousand reasons to cherish. You ppl are my soul and I Love You more then I love myself.
No matter how close or far we will be, We'll always b the same.....ALWAYS, stupid, cracking PJ's, with our ridiculous talks and reasons.

(Miss ya you......)


Aditya said...

nice post!

yeah friends are really a beautiful part of life.

Mansi said...

yeah .....dey r......infact dey r life personified!!