Thursday, September 23, 2010

A story that was...

"I dont know why, since when and for what reason...but I have started liking you...Err...I mean I like you...yeah..I do...I mean.."

"Hehehhe....are you kidding me? hah Love?? You? Me? We?. Come on ..this is too good to be true.haha...I cant stop laughing. ok(after a deep breath)..okk....I know its 1st april today...and I dont want to be a bakra for better luck next time."

"Come on...dont say take a lot of guts you propose a girl...dont laugh like that."

" proposing me right? haha....ok now its too much....and its already too late...and I am going"

":-( :-("

"What???? dont make these faces now..these are not going to help you...I know its a joke ok...will talk to you after a"

*She is offline now*

"Plz say yes....I love you and promise to love you till eternity. Please."

"I dont know...I dont feel the same for you...I need some time to think..what if even after coming into a relation i will not be able to love you? That would be unfair with you..and I cant do that...we are friends...very good friends and I dont want to lose friendship for love..hope you understand"

"Take your time...but plz dont say no...I cant live without you."

"I love you"

"I love you too. I never thought I would be saying this but yes..I too have started loving you...I feel that urge to talk to just have a glimpse
of feel you by my side.This feeling is beautiful...Love is beautiful I am glad to have you in my life."

...and they kissed.
"I told you..kisses are beautiful"

"Yes they are..."

"Hey why are you crying?"

"Dont know...never expected this much from life. Promise'll never leave me"

"I promise...."

and he kissed her forehead.

Their first kiss.The piety of first love and first kiss is so beautiful that one wants to preserve it for eternity.Novice love is always a new born baby...pure..clean..away from the contamination of world.

"You coming?"

"I am strucked up here....Arnisha is not feeling well...I have to take her to Hospital.Plz wait there..I'll come within half an hour"
"hmm..ok...take your time...I am waiting"

After one hour
"Hi....where are you?"
"Still in hospital. Arnisha wants me to stay with her...It won't look good if I leave her this way...but Ravi has come...He will stay here with her..I am leaving in 10 mins"
"Ohkk..I am waiting"

After one hour
"You coming na?"
"I am so sorry baby...Arnisha is insisting too much to stay."
"Hmmm....its ok....We'll meet some other day. You take care of her"

"Where are you?"
"I am with Arnisha....she has to go for an interview so insisted me to take her for shopping...will talk to you in night"

"Why did not you picked my call?"
"I was busy"
"20 calls and not a single reply? This much busy you are?"
"You hurt me by your have changed a lot."

"I dont like Arnisha.I know she is your friend but I dislike her closeness with you. You know she likes you...and despite knowing that we both are in relation she do things to show that she mean more to you than me."


"What hmmmm...."

"You know Arnisha has lost a lot of weight...she looks so cute....She was saying that I look good in Blue...."

"Why arent you talking to me?? "

"Stop crying....look at your face....have you ever noticed your dark circles? Look at your eating habits? You need to lose some weight. And plz stop crying....its adding nothing but pimples on you face"

"You are not talking to me...I have been crying for the last 4 dont care to talk and talking about how I look?"

"You are vulnerable....victim of obsession...cant hep to you later ...bye"

"Why are you doing this? "
"I need some time....I cant think of our relation going further"
"Dont do this please....I cant live without you"

"I am leaving this city tomorrow morning..Take care"


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