Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A battle already lost!

Losing you is the most risky thing today. Such a phase has reached that one step forward or one step back would ruin everything. You are like an addiction to me. To an extent that life runs with you.The pain of a single thought to have a life without you is so extreme, that wounds feel nothing. Life is numb. I am numb. The only sense my body, my mind, my heart feels is of you. Distracted I am. Agitated I am. Between life and pain I have choose pain. Pain…to have you without you, to share you and to burn myself with that agony. It has become scary to face my own thoughts think of my desires…to face the reality…to face myself and hide things. It’s scary to hold on emotions and to wear a mask everytime. It’s frustrating to know what exactly you feel and to avoid every thought of it.

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