Friday, November 4, 2011

That's the way it is!

Mistrust. Insecure. Weak. Distracted. This is the way it is actually. The contrary is just a veil. A mask . A camouflage to hide the reality…the truth from the world around. This world is ruthless. Harsh. No place for weakness…no excuse for being dependent. The world moves on. No one waits. NO ONE! They say life is practical. You have to be more pragmatic. Throw out your emotions if you have to survive. Survive? Why can’t we LIVE? Is surviving the only option today? Everything …every emotion….every concern is just a mockery. Materialism rules. Truth fails. It’s a world of puppets out there. Fake..selfish…lier. Guess this is the way it has become now. Guess that’s the way it is!


Ashish Anant said...

Looks like you were not in best of moods while posting this.

Life is good and life is wonderful, you just need to look at it that way :)

Thinking said... the will work it out somehow...


Mansi said...

I wish I have that perspective to see lyf!
I will!