Friday, April 13, 2012

By chance:)

It is in those times when you are searching for an answer....dwelling amidst your heart and mind...wandering here and there for some sign...some way to follow...and suddenly you meet someone whom you have never thought of and you start realizing that is wasn't a mere chance but a omen that need to be followed!

Yes, some two days back I was returning to Noida from my home town and when I was looking for my coach, I saw a familiar face walking behind me. And within fraction of second I heard a “Hi” from him. He was my mentor during graduation and a person I have always admired. A young, dynamic person in his late twenties(I guess :P) . He too was going to Delhi as he has to catch a flight for Mumbai. Now my mentor, whom I call as ‘Sir’ is a writer, a thinker, an adventurous person, a wanderer and above all a person with whom you can discuss all kinds of intellectual, career related or philosophical topics. In short a kind of person with whom a person like me would love to talk. And then, the journey began.

The conversation started with general career talks, about happenings in personal lives. For the kind of observer he is, I knew he would easily spot the restlessness going inside my mind and heart. He knows about my writing too and hence he knows how I vent things out and what answers I am trying to find. We discussed about few books..about movies and about his and my blog. And as expected the discussion went to some other level wherein I could do nothing but smile on what he was saying as he was talking about the exact things I was thinking about. About search for self, about self-realization, about finding peace within ourselves, about things that disturbs you to the core but you could not do anything about it. This is the exact conversations I was looking forward to.

And then his one sentence made me think really hard. We were kind of out of contact for about two years. And one day…somewhere in march first week..I dropped him a message on Facebook that I want to talk to him and whenever he return to India, I want to meet him. And that day in train he said, “Guess you really wanted to meet me…and here we are today…meeting with such a co-incidence, as I never expected to meet you like this. Kuch aur maang leti us din to wo bhi mil jata. His last lime made me think…that the things I am trying to achieve…the peace I am craving for…the happiness I have been chasing for so long…Do I really aspire for these things from the core of my heart? Am I really sure of what I want from my life? Am I clear with my wants? With the things, I say, missing in my life? What am I upto and where I am heading towards?

He suggested me a book(which I ordered that very day) and gave me a goodluck coin and yes how can I forget the chocolates:P. We reached our destinations but his each and every word is still fresh in my mind. I believe that was an omen and he was a sign to let me follow the way…to go with the flow and to go in search of my answers. And today, I am certain that I will find my answers. That I will live for myself again. That I will indulge myself in things that I love and somewhere live for.


Daffodils said...

Lovely post :)
True sometimes we need somebody who could guide us to move on :)

WomanInLove said...

I recalled a line when I read this "What you seek is seeking you" Rumi. And I have come to truly believe this

Kultar Singh said...

yeah, it does happen in life.we never know what will gonna happen with us in another second.Exactly,these kind of people are very hard to find who understand us and be able to answer our questions which otherwise be unanswered.Analysing what actually is going on in someone's mind & heart and answer them accordingly is really a tedious task.

Again a nice blog.Really Outstanding!!!!

Mansi said...

thnx! we do!


thnx a lot:)