Thursday, April 5, 2012

When love becomes illusion, you know its over!

It is exactly in those moments when you know it’s over. The relation which you have been trying to carry on with so much of zeal and efforts has nothing left in it. It has only your breaths, your veins and your heart entangled with it. You have been asking for a break and all these times he says no to it. You ask him do he need more space and he always says he doesn’t need anything else except you. You ask him do you bother him too much and he says nothing can bother him more than your absence.

And suddenly the game turns upside down. You ask him do he need a gap and he says yes to it. He says he thought of having some space between you two. You ask him to have less conversation and he agrees to it….He, who always yelled at you whenever you asked for this ‘gap’. This is exactly the time when you know it’s over. No, you’re not his girlfriend…nor his lover…you’re just a friend who always stood beside him during his lows..who crossed those extra boundaries just to make him feel special. You went out of box everytime so that he doesn’t have to face any problem. And this is you…standing all alone here. Coz you have secluded yourself from the world…coz you have stopped making friends just to secure his place…coz your life revolves around him.

Love becomes an illusion. You the only person you care for, the only person who means everything to you is asking for your leave. You expected him to hold you and never let you go. Alas, illusions never become reality. And this is THE reality. Right in front of you. Standing…..laughing at you and your stupidity coz you have no escape now but to burn yourself each day with this thought that you never meant that to him. That you were just an option. That once again you got beaten up by your destiny. That all those people who asked you to live for yourself was right….that at the end we all are human beings….and at the end there is a purpose of everyone to be in your life and for you being a part of their life. Once the purpose is over…you’ll be thrown out.

Oh dear girl! Understand….this is how life is…this is how people are…and this is what destiny has planned for you. Moving on is nowhere an option. You are too vulnerable to do that. So, penalize yourself now by standing here…alone and see a part of your body going away from you. This is what you deserve at the end. This is your punishment of trusting people..of giving them a place above yourself in your life…of letting them know what place they hold and then giving you a life where you have to burn yourself in the agony. Coz they won’t live with you and you can’t live without them.

And again it’s back to square one!!!!


rohit.sharma said...

too good :)
i didnt knew tu itna aacha likhti hai :)

rutuja hendre said...

its beautiful..!!!

Mansi said...

@Rohit and Rutuja:

Thinking said...

hmm...very inspiring....keep writing...

Mansi said...

I will :)