Thursday, December 10, 2015


I have this habit of bookmark-ing things. Specially places I would like to visit someday. Right from a loud café in Delhi to a peaceful location somewhere in the hills. Resorts or lavish hotels or be it just a road side vendor selling awesome food. I might not be able to visit them anytime in future, but I imagine what it will be like to be there. I have with fascination with places. More than people I am fascinated with places. I don’t remember a single face on the streets of Melbourne but I remember the locks which was there on the bridge hanging with some messages. I remember the shape and color of bricks used beside the dock.

I guess I have the habit of bookmark-ing life as well. Not the people…but the events. I don’t quite remember the people I met when I was a kid, but I definitely remember the places. The big trees and the lake beside my bua’s house….the buildings and the roundabouts I used to cross while going to market with my grandmother.

I remember what you said to me at 2 am in the morning while we both were drunk, our fingers trembling while we were spilling our secrets. You might not remember …but I remember even the emoticons you used. That’s the kind of person I am. Coz I bookmarked that moment in my mind.

There are thousands and thousands of bookmarked moments saved in my mind forever. And there are hundreds of bookmarks on my laptop. I love each of them…good or bad. While I’d like to see the bookmarks on my laptop once in my life….I wish I could visit some of the bookmarks in my mind once!

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